#MicroblogMonday – Little adventures

Yesterday Paxlet and I went to the Duck park, even though it was foggy, wet and misty. He needed to get outside and run some energy off. I peed before we left the house, twice. Yet, I needed to pee as soon as we arrived! I held it for as long as I could and then spied a free public toilet. It was clean enough, so long as I put tp on the toilet seat and sat carefully. It was also big enough that Paxlet could wander around looking at things. Especially the buttons on the wall. There was a “lower the toilet seat” button, a “flush” button and an “SOS” button to call for help. There also happened to be a second SOS button near the floor. Paxlet asked what the buttons were and I told him to leave them be. As I was standing up to pull my many layers of clothes back on, but still bare bottomed, Paxlet nudged the floor SOS button with his toe. It started beeping!!! As I frantically try to get my clothes back on, I press the SOS button and it continues to beep! Thankfully, no voice came to us over a speaker and no one broke the door down before I got decent. And the beeping stopped as soon as I pressed the “open door” button to leave.
*phew* What an adventure the park bathroom was!

Today, I forgot my house key at home. Only I didn’t notice it until I was trying to go home. As I was talking to a neighbor, thinking Paxlet and I had to go all the way back downtown to get Mr Siili’s key, I remembered a friend who live nearby has a spare key. She had thankfully just gotten home and we were free to stop by to get our key. Paxlet and I could have waited 10 minutes to take the bus that leaves in from in front of our house or walk down the road a bit to try and get the previous bus. Neither option worked, as I wasn’t going to wait 10 minutes and the previous bus left before our eyes. I did remember at the last minute that but 20 should be coming soon AND it goes right in front of our friend’s place. I started trotting towards the bus stop. Then I saw the bus and started running. I ran through a wet and muddy lot, waving my arm for the bus driver to see us, not that they will always wait for you. This time I was able to make it to the bus just as the last people were getting off the bus. Out of breath! (And in pain.) But on the bus. We made it to our friend’s place, got the key and took the same bus back towards home.
I don’t with to repeat that little adventure any time soon. My key is already clipped to my work key (and it should be in my bag too).

MicroblogMonday For more microposts, go visit Mel’s blog.


4 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday – Little adventures

  1. I’ve been prone to forgetting my keys (either the office keys or my home keys) for most of my life 🙂 It got better in the last few years, but I could tell you stories that are quite embarrassing.

  2. I had to laugh at the toilet incident! I always feel potentially exposed in those automatic toilets!

    And hope you don’t have to go through the forgotten-house-key incident again any time soon.

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