17 weeks, #2

My son made this for me and gave it to me last night. (6.5x5.5cm)

Paxlet made this for me last night.
(2x3in. big)

At 16+3, I am now sure I have felt movements for the first time. Those first movements felt mostly like a queasy stomach, without the yuckiness attached to it. They also lasted for quite some time. I felt more movement again the next day at work during lunch. The second time and all subsequent times I have felt movement, it has felt more like kicks and punches. It might have been wishful thinking, but I think I may have even felt a bit of movement on the outside.

I came home from work the other day to find cat puke at the bottom of the stairs. There was no way I could ignore it and pretend I didn’t see it so Mr Siili would have to clean it up later. However, having to clean cat puke up makes me gag. Like really really gag! Even 10 minutes after it’s all been cleaned, I’m still gagging at the thought. This has never been an issue (usually) before, but the last few weeks, my goodness!

On Tuesday, Paxlet had a tantrum of tantrums in the morning. It started with him wanting Mr Siili downstairs to “look at him”, then it involved a flashlight, his mitten, wanting to walk on his own and so on. Once inside, at daycare, I managed to get him calmed down enough to get his outer clothes off, but in between each item he screamed more. I eventually had to just give him a hug, tell him I love him and leave him in the arms of the daycare lady (K) screaming. That morning episode left an emotional drain on me that lasted the entire day. When my MIL called me later in the day at work, I broke down and had a huge ugly hormonal/emotional cry. I love my MIL. She listened to me and comforted me as I needed. When I picked up Paxlet in the afternoon, K told me that he stopped crying within minutes and had a great day.

I have made the decision that we are not going to the US to visit my family before the year ends. Which means, we won’t be going there before this baby is born. There are not as many flight options as there used to be years ago and the ones that we can get directly to my hometown are over 30 hours of traveling in at least one of the directions. Sorry, but that just ain’t happening! I am sad about this decision, but it was just getting to be to stressful and emotional for me. I dread telling me dad, just because I know how much he wanted us to come visit, not to mention the rest of my family.
I am hoping, however, to do a shorter trip, in duration and travel time, sometime before the end of the year. If nothing else, I will at least be taking some time off, as I still have 2 weeks of summer holiday saved up.

This week my tummy has started to feel heavy. And by the end of the day, I just ache. I think it is time to get out proper support.

A bit of vanity/silliness on my part: I don’t want to be pregnant during the winter! No one will see my bump because of all winter clothes.
On a serious note, all those winter clothes!! I just realized that I need to find some warm outerwear pants if I am going to be able to be outside with Paxlet this winter. The ones I normally wear just aren’t going to cut it for much longer. And, can we talk about ice and slipping? I’m not looking forward to that.

Winter coldness makes me realize that I need more than the few maternity clothes I do have. With Paxlet, I spent my big months in the late spring and summer. I could get away with skirts, shorts and short sleeve shirts. Summer clothes rocked! Being warm in the winter? It requires more clothing. Uh, oh.

My team leader laughed at me today, in a sympathetic she’s had 4 pregnancies sort of way, when I dropped a lid on the floor. Call me butter-fingers! I sighed and grunted as I bent to pick it up. Come on! I’m not even that big yet!!!

This week I actually craved something! I desperately wanted Juusto snacks aka cheesy poofs. (What are these things really called in English?)

In 3 weeks (minus one day) we have our anatomy scan. Holy cow! I/we hope to find out what gender Tadbit is.


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