15 & 16 weeks, #2

Last week’s Thursday came and I didn’t have time to blog at work, nor time before I had to get Paxlet from daycare and then I was just too tired in the evening. Friday was the same and after that I just couldn’t be arsed. So, here’s two weeks together.

Last week, I was just feeling fat! Not really pregnant… I still feel that way. Ugh.

It seems that last week was the start of me feeling an increased need to pee, now! I don’t think I really felt this at the beginning of this pregnancy, but now I definitely feel it. And I do not want to leave the house without stopping by the restroom first!

A week ago I had a neuvola/doctor appointment. Nothing special happened. My urine is clean, blood pressure is low (normal for me and no dizziness) and hemoglobin is very low (started taking iron). The doctor said no internal exam was needed as I’ve had no bleeding or strange pains. This pregnancy is quite “normal” and “boring”. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you.

My weight is up 2 kilos (4,4 pounds) since my first appointment at almost 8 weeks. I was up just over 2 kilos at my 16 week appointment last time. However, I’ve started 2 kilos heavier this time.

She asked if I am feeling any movement yet. I told her I thought I might have felt something a while back, but I truly believe it was just gas and digestion. The doctor said that many can feel the baby move earlier with the second child. Yes, I too have heard/read that, so far it isn’t happening. I didn’t feel Paxlet until 18+6 (I just looked it up) and this time around my tummy is more active and noisy than it ever was with Paxlet. Then the doctor had me hop up on the exam table to listen for the heartbeat. She found it immediately. The heartbeat was around 137-140. And then Tadbit wiggled around and out of the way so that she had to follow it. The doctor asked me “are you feeling this?”. Nope, didn’t feel any of that movement.

However, I think I have now felt some movement 2 nights ago. As I was laying in bed reading, I felt some fluttery stuff on the right-hand side for a bit.

Back to the heartbeat and on to gender prediction, because it is fun to guess and speculate. According to Baby BPM with a heart beat of 137-140 and Tadbit’s age of 15 weeks, it means boy. I hope so! They stated on their website:

BabyBPM is based on the old wives’ tale that says heart rate predicts gender. However, BabyBPM is updated to reflect the fact that fetal heart rate changes over the course of your pregnancy. In other words, BabyBPM compares your baby’s measured heart rate with the average heart rate for a baby having the same gestational age as yours. From that comparison, BabyBPM predicts the sex of your baby.

More on gender prediction… I vaguely remembered reading something about the timing of sex to help you get the gender you desire and looked it up. It’s the Shettles method. Not that we did this, I just looked at the one time we had sex that month, the day before I calculated O in a 28 day cycle, and it looks like that would make a boy for us, it if works and all. However, according to the baking soda test, I will have a girl. My urine in baking soda didn’t fuzz one bit.
Really, I am and will be happy with either gender, this is just something on my mind until the (almost) 21 week scan.

The dentist was too early in praising my gums. They have started bleeding a decent amount when I brush my teeth, even very gently. Blech.

Stinky cat poo and puke are making me gag. :S

I feel bad for Mr Siili. I again (still) have no sex drive and he just ain’t getting much right now.

This week, I am truly loving my maternity pants! I put on a regular pair of jeans a few days ago and I can maybe take a walk in my regular jeans, but there is no way I can sit in them for any period of time, even with a hairband as an extender.

After going to the store and even just wandering around the house without any sort of belly support, my tummy aches a bit. Even if it is just my t-shirt tubes, they are enough support for now.


3 thoughts on “15 & 16 weeks, #2

  1. Sounds like everything is moving along nicely.

    For the heartbeat wives tale, both my babies had heartbeats in the 130-150 range. And I have B/G twins. One never knows. My vote is go with your gut. Most women tend to be spot on.

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