14 weeks, #2

Second trimester, now matter which way you look at it.

I feel the need to admit, I don’t feel so connected to this pregnancy or as jazzed this time around. In a miniscule way, it sort of bothers me, but I know I have time to get more excited as time goes on. I think the biggest issue is that no matter what happens, good or bad, I will still have Paxlet.

This last weekend there was a flea market and I bought 2 maternity shirts and 2 maternity pants for 11€ , for me! The jeans are a bit big and slide down a bit still, but they are comfortable and I am sure I will grow into them as my tummy grows. I also bought some things for Paxlet, as that was the main point of this adventure: a winter overall, spring/fall overall in the next size, some wooly socks and a magna-doodle (for .50 cents). I call this a score!

Paxlet and I stayed home on Tuesday. He had a low grade fever and a non-stop runny nose. I woke up with a brutally painful throat and not feeling so hot myself. It was a loooong day. Wednesday, Paxlet was feeling well enough to head back to daycare and I was able to take one more day to feel better myself. I’m feeling better, but still recovering. I’m very thankful this wasn’t worse and now I think I need to find out when I can get a flu shot for the season.

As for the other type of sickness, it is getting better and better. I think I only wore my Sea.Bands once this week, when it was really bad. Evenings are still the worst, if I am going to feel yucky. This evening it was very short lived. I “blame” it on the pickle juice I drank.

Ok, so I don’t really have any craving-cravings, but sometimes when someone talks about something or I see something, I just got to have it. This evening the pickles jumped out at me from the back of the fridge as I was making some mini-roll breads. As I opened the jar of pickles, I just couldn’t help myself and had to take a huge gulp of the juice (that is not uncommon for me). But it tasted so so so good! Enough so that I had to have a second sip. Ahhh! That truly hit the spot!

I  had a dentist appointment this week. It had been scheduled for 4-5 months, so I just couldn’t miss it (even if I was sick). The dentist immediately took me to his computer and showed me an x-ray of my teeth in question and said that he doesn’t think the spots are cavities and that he wants to take some x-rays. I asked him if my being pregnant would be a problem, knowing it would. He recommended getting the xrays after the baby is born. In the mean time, he explained why he didn’t think these spots were cavities and I was cool with that! He did get me in the chair, poked around a bit, checked a few things and was impressed with my gums during pregnancy (nice and healthy looking, not bleeding a lot). He also said that whatever cleaning routine I do is great, because there wasn’t any plaque or tartar to be found. The only minus he said was that I brush a bit too hard on my teeth/gums, but he does that too. I also totally forgot to take my tongue piercing out, like I usually do, but he said nothing about it. Not. A. Thing! I liked this dentist!

I generally sleep decently well. However, last night I had horrible sleep. Or rather lack thereof. If it wasn’t Paxlet waking up, the cats (meowing, jumping on and off the bed, puking, I think, I never did find anything), breathing through mouth and then needing a drink of water, then having to go pee because I drank so much water, a dream, or a nightmare (riding on top of a tourbus that crashes and survive, even though I was told I couldn’t/shouldn’t have survived), it was something else. Then Paxlet decided he had enough sleep 30 minutes before the alarm goes off and he won’t go back to sleep. Ugh! Phew, that makes me even more tired just typing it up.
I found the dream funny enough that I thought I would share it. In my dream, I was hanging out in bed with a former teacher. He’s an Aussie that was a teacher here in Finland and still a friend. We were both IN bed, chatting, laughing and talking, but there was nothing sexual about it. What, so, ever! We could have been sitting on a couch, but instead we were in bed. I have no idea where this came from and even remember questioning it in my dream.

This week I have been so happy, proud and excited that Paxlet has been telling me/us that he needs to go pee and poo. I know this isn’t baby #2 related, but it deserves a mention here because having Paxlet out of diapers when Tadbit arrives will be amazing!

I have felt all sorts of flutters, gurgles and wiggles in my tummy this week. However, I am quite sure most, if not all, of them have been gas and digestion movement and not Tadbit. Unlike with Paxlet and my tummy was almost 100% quiet, this time around it just won’t be quiet. I can’t believe how much gas I have had (both directions) and how much better I feel sometimes after releasing it into the wild. I do wish it would die down some so that I could hopefully feel some Tadbit movements sooner rather than later.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week’s Thursday. Or is it the week following? It is some time in the next two weeks. I hope to hear the heartbeat again.


One thought on “14 weeks, #2

  1. I was in so much shock during my first pregnancy that I don’t think I was as excited or as connected as I thought I would be. I always thought if got pregnant again that I would be able to enjoy it more the second time around. Interesting that you are having the opposite experience.

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