Acrylic painting on cloth – update

I went ahead and tested one of the wash clothes/sponges with the acrylic paint. Rather, I gave Paxlet the brush and paint and let him have at it.

I’ll use this one at home and see how it holds up. If it keeps its colors well, then I know we can use the paint for other wash clothes. If not, the paint will continue to be used with paper and possibly cloth that won’t be continually washed, because I am sure it will stick to an extent. Acrylic paint isn’t water soluble once dry, that much I know.

And because I found our cloth markers*, I let him decorate two more of the wash clothes. These two, along with the rest we have will become part of this year’s xmas gifts to family.
100_3132 100_3133

*4,5 working markers out of 8 ain’t bad for 16 year old markers. The black half works.


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