2 years, 1 month, 1 day or better late than never

I never did update about Paxlet turning two. Here’s to better late than never!

Paxlet’s birthday was much better than I had hoped for. Sure, we didn’t get the grandparents, all the aunts, uncle and cousins over, but we did have one aunt and a friend with her family over for the afternoon. And my very good friend R stopped in for a sec to drop off Paxlet’s present as her two kids were sick. Paxlet enjoyed himself. Especially the gifts, raspberry muffins (instead of a cake) and ice cream. Oh, the ice cream! This kid loves ice cream! It ended up being a relaxed day and afternoon. My boy was happy and therefore I was happy. We did Skype with Grandpa and Grandma S later in the evening.


Sometimes it is truly unfathomable to believe that Mr Siili and I have a two year old boy. Not only have 2 years gone by with him in our lives, but he’s grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, he continues to amaze us daily. Just last night in fact, as we were putting Paxlet to bed, I sang him the Teddy Bear song upon request. When I was done, Paxlet stated it was his turn to sing it. He starts off with a few Teddy Bear’s and then I help him out by singing a line and waiting for him to repeat. Can I just say, we are some proud parents with hearts bursting of joy. It was the cutest thing we had ever heard.

I know we are biased as parents, but he really is smart and a well behaved kid. Paxlet talks up a storm, mostly in Finnish, but talking none the less. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how many words he has because it truly is that many, plus more are learned each day. He really is saying “tuhma” and I still hate it. What’s worse, is when we tell him not to call us or the cats naught/stupid, he laughs and thinks it is funny.

He’s got many of his colors down (some in English, some in Finnish). This morning he pointed to his socks I held in my hand and said “brown socks” or was it “brown sukat”. Either way, he was correct. Mr Siili and I, and the daycare lady, mention colors quite often when pointing things out. It’s just a part of everyday life.

Paxlet seems to understand the concept of 1 and 2, but anything more than that is…difficult still. When we go out to the car, he quite often tells us how many cars are under the car park. Again, if there are more than two, he doesn’t quite get it and usually he counts the cars other than our car.

Paxlet loves the letter S. It is the first letter of his first and last name and he wants it drawn all the time. He also likes X and O (sometimes called circles). He points out the letter S to us quite often these days, although, sometimes it isn’t an S.

Paxlet is mostly potty trained!! By mostly, I mean that he isn’t always telling us he needs to go and we have to ask or “remind” him most of the time that he needs to go. But even just in the last month since his 2nd birthday he’s gotten much better. On the times that we still have to remind him use the potty, he will generally go without a fight. When he does put up a fight, we tell him he doesn’t have to pee, just sit on the potty. It usually works. There are only a few accidents at daycare and home each week. In the last couple of weeks, he’s even started telling us more often when he does need to go. It’s great! Especially when it is a poo. His most recent finding is the “big potty”! He loves using the it. I love it also because it is even easier to clean!!! I love how this has worked so well for us and that there hasn’t been a horrible fight to get him to use the potty (it has been apart of his life since he was 4 months old). Nights and naps still require a diaper, although most of the time he is dry in the morning.

He loves the color orange, diggers, cars, motorcycles, bikes, Legos (Duplos), coloring, drawing, crafts, baking, daycare, the park, rides on the bus (even short, 1 stop rides) and so much more. Paxlet is an all around happy little boy and is so much fun to be with.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Paxlet. I’m so looking forward to celebrating many more adventures with you.


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