13 weeks, #2

I think I’m in the 2nd trimester now. If not, I will be next week. Things sure are progressing.

Morning All day Evening sickness is getting better and better. I’m even able to eat sweets sometimes! Sunday, I had 4 squares of chocolate, half a mug cake, some ice cream and hot chocolate…and felt decently well after. About 30min after I did feel a twinge of regret, but that soon passed. I’m also not using the Sea.Bands as much. <— That was written earlier this week. And then the next day my evening sickness was just horrendous (for me). But all in all, it is better some days, some times and then nasty at others. Oh, this is fun!

My nose has been stuffy. Not quite flu/cold-like, but more allergy- and dry-like. I forgot about this symptom until I saw someone else mention it the other day.

I truly need new pants. I just have no desire to go look for or buy any. And if I buy some used from FB groups, do I need size 40 or 42? So, I think I need to go try some on in the stores to figure out my size and then I can be more confident in buying 2nd hand. Ugh!

I still feel twitches and twinges in my tummy area, but surely they are too far up for it to be Tadbit. I didn’t feel Paxlet move until 18 weeks, but I know this time around could be earlier. As with so much else being different this time around, with Paxlet my tummy area was void of movement. No gas feelings or gurglings what-so-ever. This time around? My tummy isn’t very quiet.

Food is getting easier. There is less that makes me wrinkle my nose at it. However, mindlessly eating almost an entire back of Fanipala (waffle) cookies is very stupid.

I’m generally overall tired, especially by the time Paxlet is in bed. I’ll be happy to have a bit more energy again, I hope!

I’m still debating about when and how to announce on FB. Mr Siili doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be involved in it, as he doesn’t and won’t be posting it to FB. So far, I have used Paint to draw this up as an idea, but I am thinking I would rather do it by hand to add color.
With this picture, I explained to Paxlet who everyone was in the picture. He understood daddy, momma, himself and the cats, but he asked a bit confusedly where the baby is. And when I said in “momma’s tummy”, he gave me a quizzical look and carried on with what he was doing. This will be a work in progress to explain the idea of a sibling. LOL

My emotions/moods have been a bit wonky lately. Paxlet was trying my patience to no end yesterday. Add to that our old cat was meowing at me and I just wanted them to all go away. I may have yelled and raised my voice a bit. I’m not proud of it, but I’m also not perfect. This evening, I bawled my eyes out when I read of a character dieing in the book I am reading. (Not that that is much new, I am totally invested in this series.)


9 thoughts on “13 weeks, #2

  1. Oh, we all bawled like babies over that character’s death, I think. At least I know I did, because it was so unexpected. Like it often is in real life as well, sadly.

    • At first, I it was crazy how you would know exactly which death I was talking about, now I’m not so sure. I just read a second one tonight and cried even harder! Spolier!!

      Rollo’s death was the original one I was talking about. This second one is just even worse I think because of who it was and having IF in our lives…And not to mention the other women in the book who have also had loss. Besides, as you said, it is too much like real life and sometimes real life sucks.

      • I admit I didn’t even think of Rollo when I read your post, even though I of course remember that and shed some tears as well.I don’t recall the right order of events at the moment, so I thought you were talking about the one that happened after the fire (ominous enough to be spoiler-free?) and now I’m hoping I’m talking about the one you were talking about 😉
        Anyway, there is so much heartache in this story this time, but also uplifting scenes and I think that’s what makes the whole 8 book saga so incredible. It’s just very close to real life, especially if you’re invested in the characters like we all are.

      • Yes, the fire was tonight for me. 😦 This is a good book, imo not to be read alone (I mean out of order out without the others first). DG has just written it all so well and very life like, however, Jamie and Claire do get into an awful lot of situations. 😀

  2. The Sea Bands were a lifesaver for me, but some people we didn’t intend to find out quite yet, caught on, haha. Oh well. Glad you’re feeling better. I bet your little one will catch on once your tummy starts to grow.

    • Haha, yes, Sea.Bands do give things away. I didn’t really care if people noticed or not and actually only 1 said something (after her and another discussed it, I’m assuming).
      Yes, I do believe he will figure something out. He’s pretty quick.

  3. if you’ve reached the fire, you’ve already been through the whole battle, where at one point I was going “Seriously, Diana ?!?!? Another one of MY loved ones getting injured? *g*

  4. Oh I totally remember the stuffy nose! And the week of nosebleeds that I had. Pregnancy is so weird.

    Hope your sickness starts to fade soon!

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