A gift of driftwood


One of the baby shower gifts given to us when I was pregnant with Paxlet was a bag of driftwood pieces.


These driftwood pieces had been tossed around in the ocean, washed ashore on the local beaches of my hometown, picked up by a family friend, washed (the sand, salt and other dirty-ness away) and then given to us for the boy to play with, someday. That someday has come! I brought these out the other day for Paxlet and he has been having fun with them.


Paxlet took this picture (with my help holding the camera).

He has picked out pieces for me, Mr Siili and himself. Today we found some that looked like they had a mouth in them. After one of the pieces bit my ankle, and I said that wasn’t so nice, it ate some paper instead. I can’t wait to see what more Paxlet will do with them. He has already said he’d like an airplane from these. I see some nails in the future. I also think we can make some great creatures and other things out of these pieces of driftwood with some paint, glue/nails, feathers, wiggly eyes and more!


4 thoughts on “A gift of driftwood

  1. What a lovely gift. And I have to admit even though I heard the term “driftwood” before, of course, I obviously have never seen any. Because I was surprised it looked like that. No idea, what I thought it would look like beforeLOL

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