First ultrasound @ 12 weeks, #2

Well, hullo there long lost friend! I was JUST thinking this morning that it has been ages and ages since I last saw my friend the dildo-cam. LOL. Both an internal and external ultrasound wand were used. First the technician used the external wand where she confirmed only 1 baby and we got to see and briefly hear the heartbeat. I would have liked to listen a bit longer, but just hearing it even the short bit was nice. The technician then looked around at the baby a bit and took some CRL measurements. Her measurements put Tadbit at 12+4, but that could also just be measuring differences. As it isn’t more than 5 days different, it won’t change the EDD. Then Tadbit didn’t want to cooperate very well and show her a side view of its neck, so she jiggled my tummy. After a bit more jiggling, the technician switched to the internal wand where things were a bit more clear. Tadbit still didn’t want to show its neck, but eventually the technician got a good enough view. We did end up getting two scan pictures of Tadbit straight on and rubbing his/her eye. Sweet!

The risk for down syndrome is low this time around too. It is crazy how my age alone from 36 years old to 38 years old upped the risk quite a bit. Two years ago, my age factor was 1:350 and now it was 1:180. However, once the blood test results and whatever else they use for determining the risk level was factored in, the risk for Tadibt was quite low. I do know that doesn’t mean it can’t happen anyway (my team leader’s youngest is proof of that), but I am not worrying about it.

We were in and out of there in 50 minutes. And that included time to stop and fill out some forms to participate in a diabetes study. This study helps in the detection of and possible prevention of diabetes. Finland has the highest rates of type 1 diabetes than any where else in the world. Scary! (Paxlet is in a different diabetes study, as we only tested for this after he was born with his umbilical cord. His study only watches and records, but doesn’t do anything to prevent now, but hopefully get info for future generations.)

Now we wait another 8 weeks for our 2nd and final ultrasound for this pregnancy. Oh, the waiting!


On to the regularly scheduled weekly updates.

I really need to buy some maternity pants. I don’t have much in the way of pants I can wear comfortably and I’m all about comfortable. Plus, this fall weather is getting chilly. Skirts just don’t cut it all the time now! I also don’t care for shopping, nor do I like the idea of spending a lot of money on something that I’ll only be using for a few months. Someone want to shop for me?

Dreams! Oooh, boy! I have been having some weird dreams! Most of them I don’t remember, but I do remember one: Claire (Fraser) and I were being chased or had fallen down a cliff and then there popped up Jamie Fraser to rescue us. Talk about a swooning moment! LOL

I think, just think, I might have felt some flutters a couple of times this last week as I was going to bed. It truly could have been gas, but I thought I felt some itty bitty flutters.

I ate 2 rows of chocolate (8 smallish squares) the other night. It tasted so yummy, until 15 minutes or so later, it didn’t. It didn’t come back up, but nausea and stomach yuckiness was not fun. 😦 I did get to eat some Finnish pan cake (pannukakku) today with some a lot of whipped cream and jam and that was yummy all around! I think the sweet aversion is going away. Uh oh, that’s not such a good thing really.

My boobs have definitely…expanded. They are much fuller than earlier and my nips sore now. Poor Mr Siili. If I ever feel in the mood to have sex with him again during this pregnancy, he won’t be able to touch some of his favorite toys. LOL. Was that too much? Oh well.

All day morning sickness is getting better. It isn’t 100% gone, but it isn’t as bad as it was. I do feel blech during the day, especially just before lunch, but it is better! The main thing is that the nausea has mostly changed time of the day: evening sickness. It starts just after dinner and goes on until a (lot) bit after Paxlet goes to bed. Not as long time-wise with the cruddiness, but it is quite bad. The Sea.Bands don’t seem to help much either.

My face and back have been breaking out in spots. I don’t remember this much from my last pregnancy. Oh joy. The fun of teenage skin again. Not that mine was ever THAT bad, generally.

Now, we need to figure out how to start talking to Paxlet about this baby and his becoming a big brother. I know it won’t be a concrete idea for some time, but it would be nice to start getting him used to it and learn the vocabulary.


In short, today’s ultrasound was good. Everything looks as it should, bits and bobs in their correct places, a heartbeat was heard and most important of all, there was only 1 baby.


2 thoughts on “First ultrasound @ 12 weeks, #2

  1. Glad everything went well! Can’t imagine waiting until 12 weeks for that first ultrasound. haha.
    That’s interesting about Finland having such a high diabetes rate. I wonder why that is.

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