11 weeks, 1 day, #2

Work was busy yesterday, so no time to blog then. And by the time (even before) I got Paxlet to bed last night, I was beyond tired. It was all I could do get Mr Siili take my weekly picture and then I managed to watch one show (second to last episode of True Blood) with him. I was in bed and asleep by 10:30. Paxlet didn’t wake up at all during the night, he only stirred once but didn’t require me getting out of bed. I slept until 7 am when my alarm went off and immediately after, Paxlet called out “Äiti” (mom). I needed that sleep.

I desperately need to buy some maternity pants. It’s getting colder out and skirts just don’t cut it in the morning. My jeans, what 2 pairs I have left, are just not comfortable and neither are most of my other pants. I will go buy some size xs-s t-shirts this weekend to cut up and make tummy tubes. One of the local second hand stores is having their 1€ per piece of clothing on Saturday. Whoohoo!

I haven’t looked back at the last few weeks of the pictures we’ve taken, so I have no idea if my bump has really grown or not. I also don’t think the pictures are a correct representation of how I really look, because I think I hold my tummy in for pictures. LOL. Isn’t that what do!? In any case, by the evening, my tummy is definitely poking out.

When walking through the store, I see such yummy looking sweets and they just make me physically ill. My mind wants and craves them, but my body just has a horribly adverse reaction to them. And that’s not even smelling them or getting them to my lips! Thankfully I was able to eat some (ok, several) of the raspberry scones Paxlet and I made earlier this week. They were delish!

My all-day sickness seems to be getting a bit better. It’s still there, mostly in the late afternoons and early evenings, but the rest of the day is better, off and on. I’m not using the Sea.Bands as often, but I am still using them. Oh, who knows what I am trying to say! I still have nausea, but at times it feels better. And then other times…not so much.

Six more days until the first ultrasound!!!! I am very much looking forward to this and getting my blood results back.

I would love to have a name to call this bump, but it just hasn’t happened.

More people are finding out about the pregnancy. It is still awkward when people find out, but that is life.

Other than nausea and some tiredness, things are going quite well.


4 thoughts on “11 weeks, 1 day, #2

  1. You have been so patient in waiting for your first ultrasound- I don’t know how you have done it! Glad you are feeling a bit better- hopefully once you are out of the first trimester you will feel better all day and won’t be so tired.

    • Heh, not sure if patient is the word for it, I just don’t have any other choice. I too have my fingers crossed that morning sickness gets less and less all the time. So far, it seems to be working.

  2. Six days! Yay! You are a monument of patience. Not that you could do anything about it, I got that, but still. I like that about you, very much.
    So, where are those pictures then? PIC-TURES, PIC-TURES! Love me some belly pictures, I do.

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