#MicroblogMonday, my boy is…

A few days ago, as I was getting Paxlet out of bed in the morning, I sat down with him for a quick snuggle and he said: Äiti, Paxlet on happy boy. (äiti = mom, on = is). My heart melted!

This last weekend, I Skyped with my sister (Aunt S) for a quick bit. Paxlet said hi quickly and then did his own stuff. Afterward, while we were eating dinner, Paxlet informed us that Daddy is Aunt S. And then Momma is Aunt S. We told him that he is Aunt S. No!, Paxlet says. We ask him if he is Pappa (Mr Siili’s dad)? No! We ask a few more things, always being told “no” and that one of us is Aunt S. Mr Siili suggests that Paxlet is a porkkana (carrot) and Paxlet just giggles like crazy. He is a carrot! My little boy has a definite sense of humor.

This evening, Paxlet and I walked to the next bus stop to wait for the bus Daddy is on, hop on the same bus and take a quick ride home. Paxlet loved the bus ride and got to push the STOP button too. As we got close to home and needed to head up the stairs to get to our house, I was informed that Momma can’t take the same stairs as Daddy and Paxlet. I can use the other stairs (while he is pointing to the next set over). Hmph. Discriminated against by my own boy! LOL

My boy is growing like a weed and I have the front row seats to enjoy it all.

MicroblogMonday For more microposts, go visit Mel’s blog.


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