10 weeks, #2

Two more weeks, exactly, until our first glimpse of baby #2 via ultrasound. I am awaiting this appointment excitedly. This time around we didn’t get an ultrasound at 7 weeks from the fertility clinic to graduate out into the regular populace, because this pregnancy happened like a “regular” person’s would. Strange.

I’m still feeling quite miserable from all day sickness. I do thankfully get moments when I am not feeling too poorly and even quite normal. Being outside seems to help quite a bit. But I am still feeling yucky often enough that I am very tired of feeling tired and yucky.

This tummy of mine is definitely looking bloated or pregnant or something. It just doesn’t quite look…flubby or fat on a tummy, but a bit more round, like pregnancy.

I found out that my male co-worker told my former teammate (and compatriot) that I am pregnant. I didn’t mind about this guy knowing, as I was going to tell him last week anyway, but just couldn’t figure out how to get it out in conversation, even if there were plenty of places I could have dropped it in. Announcing pregnancy to people is just…weird. I mostly find it funny that it was a guy who passed the information along and it got back to me. I am quite sure that my female co-worker told at least one other person, but being females, they haven’t said anything, yet.

I also told a few more people this week. I told my SIL (Mr Siili’s brother’s wife). She got goosies and said that she knew it could happen after Sami, all on its own. And while I generally hate hearing that (and still gritted my teeth), I know that she also had a similar experience with her first and second. However, she luckily didn’t need to go farther than a few months of clomid/clomifen to get her first. This only leaves one other SIL (Mr Siili’s sister that is my age), as the youngest I told this last weekend when she came to visit for Paxlet’s birthday.

My former big boss returned from holiday and I just had to share with her as I knew she would be happy for me/us. And she was. She just adores Paxlet, knows my background and I am thankful she is in my corner. Arriving for a meeting with my former big boss was a female former teammate, who saw me hugging my former big boss, so I told her too. I’m now waiting to see how long it takes before people on that floor start saying something to me. 🙂 Isn’t it sort of sad/mean to assume that someone will spread stuff around? I’m not being mean, just honest. And my former team leader actually said the same thing, with the same thoughts!

I am … something not positive … for wanting to wish away these days and weeks while I have morning/all day sickness. While I am very thankful, still, that I’m not puking, nausea is horrible. I’m a wimp when it comes to it. This is definitely my infertility fighting to get pregnant mind feeling this guilt, but it is how I am feeling. Ugh. This truly can’t last the entire pregnancy. Please let me be lucky, again!



3 thoughts on “10 weeks, #2

  1. I guess I didn’t realize that you had fertility issues previously. Yay for a spontaneous pregnancy! I guess we are in the same boat then. Pregnant naturally after infertility and feeling very sick. 😉

    • Hate Feedly. Very sorry that the morning sickness is ongoing. I hope it lifts soon. Glad you are able to share the news, even if it is getting away from you. May ultrasound #2 be wonderful!

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