#MicroblogMonday, on Tuesday

Thanks, Mel! #MicroblogMonday is a great idea.

Paxlet turned 2 on Saturday. I’m so amazed that I get to watch this little boy grow and learn. It’s going to be so much fun to see what the terrific twos bring us. I really want to blog his birthday, but I am generally so tired and feeling blech in the evenings that I just can’t be bothered. Some day…

Minä (I) hide hands, Paxlet says, as I get ready to wash his hands after eating.

We’re most likely going to see my family this year, sometime around Turkey Day. I just need to get my very tired behind in gear and look for flights. Any suggestions if before or after, money-wise and less craziness, would be better for traveling in the US? Also, can you rent car seats?
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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday, on Tuesday

  1. You can definitely rent a car seat BUT if you can bring your own, it would be better. We tried it once and ended up screwed when the place was out of car seats despite our promise for one.

    Happy birthday, Paxlet!

  2. I agree with Mel – bring your own carseat if you can, it’s easier. And at 2, he might be more comfortable in his carseat than an airplane seat anyways, and that way you usually get earlier boarding. All good things.

    Alternately, you can ask your family to ask around to borrow one for the time you’re there.

  3. I would definitely bring your own car seat- you can use it on the plane as a place for Pax to sleep as well! (We are bringing Izzy’s car seat to Barcelona in December.)

    I would go after Thanksgiving. Generally in between Thanksgiving and Christmas flights are cheaper because no one is traveling.

  4. Happy birthday, Paxlet!
    In Europe, we always rent car seats, but to be honest, most of them have seen better days. I have friends who take their own when flying (they do a long, weird commute), but they have to check it in, and they get it back after landing. It might be a bit too late to get a good price on the tickets though, you need to start look them up three months ahead. And this is not only a. German thing.

  5. Happy Birthday to Paxlet!
    Even though you can do it online, I find the whole searching for flights completely overwhelming. I need a vacation to book my vacation. Happy Birthday to your little one.

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