8 weeks, #2

Again, I’m late this week. Quite late actually. Today is 8 weeks + 3 days. I was just too exhausted to post on Thursday. I didn’t even bother with getting the weekly picture. Then on Friday it was all about packing to head to the in-laws for the weekend. And I didn’t take my laptop this time around and couldn’t be bothered to write on my phone or borrow MILs computer. So, here I am on Sunday evening, making my notes from the week a bit more coherent.

Last Sunday, I made myself a Sea.Band-thingy. It seemed to work, so I decided I was going to buy myself a proper set of Sea.Bands. But first, I thought I’d ask on a FB group if anyone had a pair to sell. Score! A lady was willing to sell me her practically unused pair for 7 euros (20e new in the store). I bought that on Monday after work. It seemed to work decently well. I was no longer eating anything ginger. Blech! And I seemed to be feeling better, even without the bands, but I still keep them with me all the time. My all-day sickness seems to have switched more to the afternoons and evenings. And I have noticed that if I wear the Sea.Bands for any longer period of time, the area (tendons/bones) on the back of my hand from my index finger toward my wrist gets painfully sensitive to touch. That goes away soon after I take the bands off though.

Walking seems to make me…not really queasy, but at least uncomfortable. Especially in the tummy area. It makes walking to the bus stop fun. Not really.

I am burping tons! Yuck.

I’ve had some heartburn. I hadn’t eaten anything strange or too much, but I got it nonetheless.

I had my first neuvola (prenatal/antenatal, which is correct?) appointment. It was basically going over basic questions such as my health, family history, Mr Siili and mine alcohol and drug usage, eating and exercising habits and so on. My urine (clean), hemoglobin (normal-low), blood pressure (low, but normal for me) and weight (normal for me) was checked. I was told to get blood work done in two weeks (when I am 10 weeks). This will check for all sorts of venereal diseases and for down syndrome indicators. The results of the blood work will be told at our 12 week scan, which we also booked. I also booked my next neuvola appointment for some time in the future, with the doctor this time.
Man! I really would love to have an ultrasound just to make sure everything is ok. Waiting sucks. 🙂

On Monday, as I was leaving work and hopping in the elevator to go get my Sea.Bands, my former team leader also happened to be at the elevator. As we got one, she sniffed, looked at me directly and said “Ginger, huh?” with an all knowing glint in her eye. I confirmed and left it at that. I did go and talk to her on Tuesday morning to confirm what she thought and we chatted a bit. She knows my history and is quite thrilled for me.

And then on Wednesday, I told my boss just before our team meeting and then she had me tell during the team meeting to my two immediate co-workers. She only had me tell, because I said I didn’t mind and had to tell them at some point. Haha. I still don’t feel like telling most people, but I’m also not dressing any differently or trying to hid my tummy. Although, I only realized Friday evening that the outfit I wore that day made me look quite pregnant. Hahahaah. Well, people will find out at some point.


One thought on “8 weeks, #2

  1. So sorry about the continual sickness. It seems you’ve found some solutions, so I hope they continue to work out. Hang in there. Second trimester is just around the corner.

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