What we did during our holidays

Ugh! This post was all typed up, photos inserted and ready to be published, when I saw this in the upper right hand corner of my screen:
And I clicked on the “classic mode” link, WITHOUT pressing “save draft” first and lost everything I had done yesterday. And WordPress hadn’t had time to automatically update on its own. Double Ugh.
Here’s version two of this post, but probably not as good as it was yesterday.


Mr Siili and I split our holiday/vacation time up this year into two two week periods. Mostly this was done so that Paxlet would only have to go to one summer daycare instead of two or three. It worked out quite nicely.

The first part of our holiday started the long weekend of Juhannus (mid-summer). It was typical Juhannus weather: rainy off and on, a bit chilly with some sun peaking out every once in a while. The not-so-perfect weather didn’t stop us from doing things and it was especially nice to have time off from work.

The second two weeks was hot, hot, hot! Finnish summers are lucky to reach 20C (70F) for a few weeks during the entire summer, with a couple of days to one week at 25C+. This summer, however, we had almost 5 weeks of 25-30C (77-86F)! (We were one day short of breaking the “most days over 25C in a row.) While this was just a tad bit too hot, we still had fun!

This is what we did during our holidays, in photos, in no particular order.

We visited Paxlet’s cousins for a day.
It just so happened that Paxlet (right) and his cousin dressed almost identical. Paxlet had the most fun with his youngest cousin, as the other two are in their teens already, but he did play with them all. Especially on the trampoline. We also went forest strawberry hunting; serious business for our boy!

We did some crafts and arts. Paxlet glued and stuck stickers where he wanted them, without help. He also cut some paper pieces, with help. The colander/strainer with pipe cleaners sticking out of it was something I saw on another blog. It was a hit and we’ve done it again since then.
100_2951 100_2950 100_2984

Snuggled with Rusty cat, when not chasing and screeching after him and Mansi cat.

We went to the grandparents, played in water, went to the beach, went to the park, played in soapy water, saw Saimi (brown horse) and Hansu horses,
100_2834 100_2893 100_2903 100_2943 100_2820 100_2798 100_2813   100_2935

This next photo requires special mention. While at the park, outside the goat pen, some birds (in this picture a Jackdaw) kept landing on the fence. Paxlet wanted to hug the birds!! He was quite upset that the birds wouldn’t let him get close enough to hug them.

We stayed home, went to parks, played with water, met up with friends, went to more parks, played with colored water. You can make some pretty cool (and gross) colors if you start with just the basics of red, yellow and blue.
100_2975 100_2973 100_2865


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