7 weeks, #2

Today’s actually 7 weeks and 1 day, I just couldn’t be bothered to post yesterday. I was way too exhausted! After getting Paxlet to bed, Mr Siili and I watch 1,3 TV shows and then I crawled into bed.

I am just so exhausted lately. I wonder if I got to bed early enough if I would be less tired or if this froglet (bean/baby/tadpole) would still make me just as tired. I have been coming home a bit early each day this week and taking a short (20-40 min) nap, but sometimes I wake up feeling even more exhausted than before I laid down. Thankfully the weekend is here. I most likely won’t get to sleep in, but I will be able to nap when Paxlet naps and then Mr Siili might just take care of Paxlet for a bit while I sleep longer. Ahhh, sleep!

I know I’m such a broken record on this next issue, but it is that much in my mind, or rather stomach area: morning all-day sickness. I seem to be fine for the first bit when I wake up and start feeling yucky about an hour after waking, which is the exact time I am dragging Paxlet to daycare. And then again in the evening, once Paxlet is in bed I seem to get some relief. The rest of the day, nausea is more on than off. This week I’ve tried dried/candied ginger, ginger & lemon tea, ginger cookies, lemon water and eating more protein. Some of it seems to help for a short bit, but then it all comes back again. I knew I was lucky last time around not having hardly any nausea and never wished to experience it. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. However, I’m still very very very thankful I’m not puking.

I’ve been having minor headaches off and on. I think most of it is due to the fluctuating weather right now. It’s that time of year when we have a decent amount of thunder and lightning storms. Or at least out of nowhere rain storms. Last night was no exception. There was a huge thunder and lightning storm that passed just south of us, with one lightning and thunder strike right on top of us. Yowzers! It was exhilarating.

We still don’t have a nickname for this little bean. I’m bugging Mr Siili to help me come up with something again this time around. I don’t want to call it “bean” or “peanut” and Mr Siili doesn’t like “tadpole” because Tad is too close to a name and he doesn’t want to end up naming the kid that. LOL

Here’s some of the foods I made yesterday in hopes of combating nausea. The first picture is of my oven-baked eggs getting ready to go into the oven. The 2nd picture is the eggs being done. They sounds and taste so appealing to me right now! And the third picture is some ginger cookies I made. I don’t think they are helping at all. For starters, they are sweet and sweet just doesn’t go right now. In addition, I’m not a huge fan of ginger, but I am willing to try anything!

What are you tips and tricks for fighting off nausea? I’m desperate here!





13 thoughts on “7 weeks, #2

  1. I used to snack often. It helped with my gestational diabetes as well, the snacking. But apples, sliced and with a bit of lemon so that they remain appetizing, oh, I loved those. Still do, since then. And tomatoes and feta cheese. I had no problems with heartburn, so I could have loads of acidic food, like fruit, lemon and tomatoes. I hope you find your trick to keep nausea at bay soon.

    • I do try to snack somewhat often, but don’t always manage or don’t feel up to the food. I’m able to eat apple again (can’t during allergy season) and had some with peanut butter earlier this week. Apple was ok, pb was meh. 🙂 Not much heartburn last time, hoping this time is the same.

  2. I had to wear Seabands pretty much all the time for the first trimester. (The seasickness bracelets.) It was the only thing that got me through. I also sucked on peppermint candies, they were more soothing than ginger for me. And lots of fresh air.

    • I’ve been hearing about these bands and am willing to give them ago, hubby isn’t so keen on me buying them. Peppermint might work at times, but in small doses and when I can tolerate sweet stuff. Definitely better than ginger!!

      • Why doesn’t he want you to buy them? They’re not expensive and they won’t have any negative effects. It’s just a band that puts pressure on a spot on your wrist. I say he gets to vote when he feels like puking all day.

        You can also just look up the pressure points in your wrist and press on it and see if it seems to help before you buy them. But I wore them constantly and still keep them in my purse for random bouts of motion sickness.

      • I’m not exactly sure why he doesn’t want me to buy them, but I believe it mostly stems from him not putting much faith/belief in this sort of “hocus pocus”. 😉
        I did look up the pressure points and did a DIY version of a band and felt quite well yesterday! I have found a barely used pair on a 2nd-hand FB group, and I will buy them for only 7e. However, I am feeling quite well today and I have used anything… Morning sickness is strange, so is pregnancy.

  3. I wasn’t too sick during my first trimester but someone told me that lemon drops are good to suck on so I did buy those….

    • Ooh, I just ate a lemonhead ( from my stash of candies my family brought me 1,5 years ago) earlier today and it helped for the moment. Will have to remember those and other similar candies/lozenges when I can stomach sweets.

  4. I found the nausea much, much worse with my second pregnancy than with my first. My doctor told me that’s quite common, though no one really knows why.

    I hate to tell you this, but there really wasn’t much that gave me relief. Soda crackers and carbonated water helped some. Good luck!

    • Ugh!
      We don’t have soda crackers as such. Tons of other types of crackers, but not soda. Seriously! 😦 Maybe I should try making my own… if I can be bothered.

  5. Sorry for the morning sickness. It’s no fun. I threw up everyday for 9 months with C. I had to always have food in my stomach. I at lots of bananas and crackers with peanut butter. None of the ginger to teas helped me. It got to the point that i got meds for the nausea. Hang in there!

    • Oh, I’m so sorry! And I’m very thankful no puking here! These Sea Bands seem to be doing their thing. Yay! And I’m giving up on ginger, can’t stand the stuff anyway. Lol.

  6. What what WHATTTTTTT????? YOU’RE PREGNANT!!???!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am just catching up now!!! Holy crap!!! Wow!!! Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!! xoxoxo

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