Back to work

Day two of being back to work after a 2 week holiday/vacation and we’ve survived so far. Just and just, but we have survived. I have it in my head to write about some of our holiday, but I am just so exhausted each evening by the time Paxlet is asleep. Yes, pregnancy is kicking my butt this time around. We didn’t do much for our two weeks off. Heck, we didn’t really leave home unless it was to go to the store for food, much less leave town. It was a good holiday though. Lots of heat, heat, heat, which mean lots of water play for Paxlet.

Anywho, it isn’t even 9:30 pm yet and I am laying in bed. Once I hit post, I’m shutting down my computer and going to bed early tonight!! Wish me luck getting lots of restful shut-eye. I hope to write more sooner rather than later.


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