6 weeks, #2

My biggest symptom is still this weird mild (most of the time) nausea, that thankfully is not making me puke! Mostly my tummy just feels a bit queasy and food doesn’t sound good at all. The last couple of days, this has gotten a bit more pronounced. I don’t think my nausea was this bad the first time around and I’ll be happy when the nausea goes away.

I had a bit of pink-brown spotting the other day. Not much, but enough that I noticed it. I was already on panty-watch. (I know too much of what can possibly happen.) This bit of spotting isn’t making my panty-watch efforts go away. Hmph. I’m not worried about the spotting, unless I see more. I know that whatever happens, happens and I can’t do much about it.

Paxlet is definitely getting into the Twos. With less energy and more tiredness, plus still tons of heat, it is hard to chase after him at times. I know he is just being his age, but sometimes…I’m just too tired. While I haven’t exactly been getting to bed much earlier, I have been taking naps several times when Paxlet is down for his nap. How am I going to cope when I head back to work next week? Thankfully there is a small closet-sized room that has a reclining chair, which its intended purpose is exactly this and I can take a quick rest if need be. Although, this might mean I need to tell my immediate boss earlier than I was thinking.

Speaking of work and bosses. I don’t have any worries about telling my boss. I know she is 100% supportive of family building and will be totally thrilled for me, as we have quickly discussed my (and her) situation previously. As for co-workers…they will find out at some point.

Another thing about work…I have no idea what I am going to wear when the weather gets a bit chillier. Yes, we are starting to feel the fall chilliness in the breeze and mornings. During the summer, I’ve been wearing all my dresses, skirts and some shorts. The dress code at work is quite relaxed (if you want), but jeans and other pants are just not going to cut it. I want nothing pressing on my stomach, already! Thankfully I have one pair of black maternity pants, but you can only wear those so many times a week.

I haven’t told any more people this week (after most family and closest friends last week). I’ve almost told some people, but just couldn’t be bothered with them congratulating me. I don’t want to be center of attention. Does that sound strange? Anyone else feel this way?
I also don’t want to have to hear that people say they “knew it would happen easily after you had Paxlet/relaxed/stopped whatever”.

Less than two weeks until my first neuvola appointment. I got the papers I need to fill out in the mail and they are all filled-in. Some background information about me, alcohol and drug use history for Mr Siili and I (we are such lushes, not!) and also dietary habits for the both of us.

Edited: I forgot these few things I wanted to put down.
-My nose is feeling quite stuffy.
-I’m feeling more gaseous (mostly burps).
-Laying on my left side is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to the point of making me feel a bit sick. However, putting my heating bean-bag (not heated) under my stomach helps. I didn’t use this bean-bag until much later previously.


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