5 weeks, #2

I enjoyed doing weekly posts of my pregnancy with Paxlet and think I’ll do it again with this one. It was a great way to track my thoughts, feelings and changes going on in my body. I also thought it would be fun to be able to compare the two pregnancies. So, here I go!

First off, I need to figure out a name to call this little tadpole. Hubby helped me come up with the name Paxlet when I was 7-8 weeks pregnant, so we have a bit of time still. *grin*

I don’t feel like I have too much in the way of symptoms at the moment. Other than AF not showing up, I’ve got some mild nausea. Although, it isn’t all the time. Mostly when I don’t eat often enough and then I just feel bleh. Almost like you’ve been on an amusement ride that spun you round and round one too many times. As long as I eat regularly, I can eat most anything I want. But if I don’t eat often enough, then nothing sounds good. I’ve got some protein bars that I’ve been using to take a bite of here and there when the “nothing sounds good” phase happens and usually that is enough to settle my stomach and let me eat proper food.

I also can’t put pressure on my stomach, such as crossing my arms across my body. That just makes me feel uncomfortable and sort of sick to my stomach.

The next two symptoms I’m not fully attributing to pregnancy at the moment, because I think they are more due to the heat we are having here: lots of needing to pee and tiredness. It is hot here! Uncommonly so. We usually get a week or so of 25-30C (77-86F) weather, but this summer we have had it for 3-4 weeks now. I normally drink a decent amount of water/tea on a daily basis, with it being hot, I’m drinking even more! Hence, the need to pee more. Also, I believe that heat just saps strength and energy out of a person. I’m not the only one feeling a bit heat-tired, Paxlet talks about “going to sleep” and being tired even if he’s recently woken up from a nap.

I finally called neuvola (maternity clinic) and have my first appointment on August 19th (I’ll be 7+ weeks). That seems like ages away at the moment. I know the time will go by slowly at times, yet so quickly. Here’s to enjoying every minute of this pregnancy!

Edited to add: I have now told my closest friends about this pregnancy. That means my parents and Mr Siili’s parents, my siblings and some friends have been told. Mr Siili’s siblings will need to be told at some point, but I just don’t talk to them that often, so it feels more awkward telling them. For other people, it will happen when it happens.


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