How’s this for irony?

So, I told Mr Siili that I’m pregnant. He reacted just about like I thought he would: Hmm, ok. And then we (ok, mostly me) proceeded to talk more about it later on.

How did I tell him? Well, Paxlet, Mr Siili and I were outside playing with water and I decided to go get the mail. A package had arrived for me! I knew what was in the package, but I waited until I got back to the house and showed the boys the package and then proceeded to open it. I pulled the box out of the package and showed it to Mr Siili. And then I told him it was sort of ironic that the OrganiCup (menstrual cup) package arrived today, because well, I’m pregnant and won’t be needing it for some time.

How’s that for ironic?



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