Arkikuvahaaste – Everyday photo challenge 3/5

To see what this is about, read this post.

I know yesterday, Saturday, should have been day 3 of this challenge, but I just didn’t take many pictures. Mainly because I forgot my camera at home when Paxlet and I went to the park.  And my phone camera sucks most of the time, especially when trying to catch a fast moving little boy. So, you get today, Sunday, as day 3.

We, I mean Mr Siili, did a bit of yard work today. Paxlet and I helped watched and I gave the boy more rides in the wheelbarrow. I think a wheelbarrow ride is a must and maybe even a right of passage for all kids.

After Paxlet’s nap and snack, the two of us went to the store for a couple of dinner items I forgot the day before. While there, I saw that a hair salon was open with 2 girls behind the counter. On impulse I went and asked how late they were open and if they had time now to cut Paxlet’s hair. This was Paxlet’s first official in-the-hair-dresser’s cut. He did so well! I sat him facing me on my lap and let the lady do her thing. Paxlet sat quite still for about 10 minutes and then he started wiggling more and said he was “all done”. I managed to give the lady a few more minutes to get the last bit trimmed. Paxlet doesn’t look like a little boy anymore! *sniff*

Our old cat, Rusty, doing what he does best: whine.

Legos. Because there is rarely a day that goes by when we don’t play with Legos.

Bedtime story. This pop-up Moomins book is great! Here we’re talking about and doing the action of Moomin Papa sawing a log.


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