Arkikuvahaaste – Everyday photo challenge 2/5

To see what this is about, read this post.

I took today off from work just to have a free day and give myself a 4 day weekend. As I said yesterday, it was Vappu (Worker’s day) here in Finland Vappu and a national holiday.

After taking Paxlet to daycare, I came home and spent some quality time with hubby before taking him to work. On the way to his work, we realized that it was almost time for the glasses shop to open. Mr Siili’s glasses were broken on Wednesday evening (at his work’s Vappu party). While he was in sauna, he had put his glasses up high on a shelf and when he came out they were in the same spot, but the left lens was cracked/broken through. While waiting for Mr Siili’s eye appointment, we looked for new frames for him. I made him try on every single pair of green frames I could find. There was one pair that I just loved the color and had to try them on myself.


Look at how huge those things are! Make them purple and that was what my first pair at 14 were like. Ugh!

Next, I went and got my hair cut/trimmed. Then picked up Mr Siili from work so we could have lunch together. After Mr Siili went back to work, I went to find myself a pair of  jeans. I’ve had two pair recently develop a hole in the knees and 2 more are about ready to follow suit. I need more jeans! But 40€ for a pair?! Is that really how much jeans cost these days?


In the changing room, trying on jeans, with my new hair.

No jeans were bought. Instead I bought some glue, tape, stickers and a bar of chocolate from my favorite brand Fazer. They have a new flavor out: Blueberry yoghurt crisps in chocolate milk. It’s an okay flavor, but not my favorite. Then it was time to head home to get Paxlet from daycare where we played for the rest of the evening.


Checking out the diggers and roller across the street from our home. This is a several times a week thing.


Paxlet and I (in my real glasses).


A fort I created for Paxlet out of a sheet and his little table. He spent close to an hour playing in this chattering away to himself happily. I was told to “go” away (and close the sides).

Today wasn’t such an “everyday”-day for me, it was normal enough. 🙂


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