I’m a bit dissapointed; Paxlet isn’t dissapointed

I know this is going to sound silly, petty and a bit bitter (is that the word I’m looking for?), but I am only human with human emotions. I am mostly disappointed at my now former-ish* co-workers. Today was my last day in the team and it was like any other day: busy-crazy and not nearly enough time to do everything I needed. I expected that! However, whenever anyone else has previously left the team, we have always chipped in and bought them a small ‘thank you for being in our team, we’ll miss’ you gift. I didn’t get a thing! Not even a printed out at work and signed card. (Maybe no one will miss me?) I know one should not expect anything, but, but. But I guess the other lady who also left the team today didn’t get anything either. And neither did she bake any amazing dessert!

*Former-ish, because I will still be in close contact with them doing some of my old tasks and we are only just 2 floors away from each other (until they move and then they are 1 floor away in the other direction).


Paxlet on the other hand, got a red balloon today and had a great time with it! He also learned a new word: balloon.




Edit: And apparently, I can’t spell disappointed either, twice!


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