1 day shy of 19 months

Paxlet is 19 months old today. And yesterday just before nap time, 1 day shy of 19 months, was our last breastfeeding attempt/session. At the beginning of this month, I wrote that I could tell my time breastfeeding Paxlet was coming to an end. I just didn’t realize it would be this soon.

For the last 6 months, Paxlet has really only been having milk in the morning when he woke up and just before going to bed. On weekends, that is how he would fall asleep for naps. But the last few days, when Paxlet would say that he wanted milk (boob), he has been biting after drinking for only a few seconds. (Not a full on chomp, but with enough teeth to give me a shock and ouch feeling.) When this would happen, I’d notice that he had stopped drinking, clamped his teeth on my nipple and then look up at me with a mischievous grin. Ugh! When I would yelp and tell him no, or all done, he’d just laugh. After this happening 3 consecutive times just before bed, I figured this weekend would be the last. I’d see if he wanted ‘boob’ for his nap times (only) and then we’d just be done. As it happened, he chomped on me already after only a few seconds of drinking while going down for his nap on Saturday. That was it! I was done. Paxlet has not asked for boob and I have not offered since. We are officially done.

I had no idea how long I’d breastfeed. I had originally thought at least 1 year and then see what happens from there. After the year ‘marker’, I figured Paxlet would let me know when he is done and that he has! I am just glad I realized we were coming to an end in this chapter of Paxlet’s life, so I could take the time to appreciate it and reflect on it.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this change. On one hand, I am happy that I was able to breastfeed for so long and relatively easily. However, I’m a bit sad that this time is over. Paxlet is getting so big and doesn’t always want to snuggle as I put him down for bed. I’m also a bit…relieved, maybe? This stopping process, if you can call it that, was quite easy and painless (minus a few small chomps). I think I’m also a bit happy to get my boobs back. They are all mine (and Mr Siili’s) now.

Breastfeeding is done. I can go back to my regularly scheduled allergy medications and none too soon. Birch season is just around the corner!


7 thoughts on “1 day shy of 19 months

  1. Mine are ten months, just got their first teeth, and have now started biting occasionally. If it goes on I don’t think I’ll even make it to a year. Biting is a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned.

    • Thankfully Paxlet didn’t bite too often once he did get teeth, as that is/was a deal breaker for me too. I think all in all, he bit me 3-4 times at most, before these last few “chomping/nibbling” episodes. Paxlet actually bites us more during the course of a normal day, that he ever has/had when breastfeeding. Not encouraging, but at least the nips might be safe(r). 😀 Good luck! And may you continue to BF as long as it is doable for you.

  2. Stevie bites when he is teething. Now he’s got the bottom canines poking through, and I tell him before latching “Don’t bite”, he grins and says AHA, and half of the times he actually does not bite. But he is very vocal about getting his milk, especially before sleep time, every time I try to divert his attention, he starts howling and banging on my chest. Since I am not ready either to stop it, we soldier through.
    I am happy for you that you had a good experience and that the end was less traumatic than it could have been.

    • Yes, we too get more biting when Paxlet is teething! He has all of his teeth through, but still growing a bit. Usually we give him a chew toy to gnaw on, but I honestly think he was done breastfeeding and that was just his way of letting me know he didn’t really want to drink… At least he just hasn’t asked, tapped my boobs or signed that he wants milk/boobs since Saturday afternoon.
      I hope you don’t get bit much!

  3. Wow…I’m jealous, I keep hoping and praying something like this will happen and that we can just sort of ease out of breastfeeding. Jett’s 20 months and still gets DESPERATE for milk, starts crying and throwing fits if I try to delay him or tell him no. Argh! This sounds so easy and simple!

    • So sorry, Jesica! I wonder if part of our stopping so easily has to do with me being back at work and not being there for Paxlet whenever he would have wanted to breastfeed. I have no idea, I honestly didn’t try to do this, it just happened (with help of chomps).
      You’ll work it out in time! And may it be easy for you when the time comes.

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