Some times, things just happen. Like yesterday’s post. It was not meant to be posted here, hence the use of real names(now edited). It was meant for Paxlet’s daily journal, also on WordPress, but private. Reading that post, I know my thoughts are all over the place and a lot of it doesn’t make sense to most people, but it makes sense to me and is mostly just a reminder of what had been happening lately. I truly and honestly hope my posts here aren’t that scattered in thought.

Some translation to the words I posted in Finnish:
ei ole = There/It is not    (Paxlet is using it as “X is not there”)
Miks(i) ei? = why not?
halua = to want    (
On? = Is?    Meaning “Where is X?” (not the English “on”, but with a long o sound)
Missä? = Where?    (ex. Missä on kissa? OR Missä kissa on?)


Work…where do I begin? Or rather, it has never really ended from the last posts I have written. Really, the craziness has just continued. We’re told there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I think we are all starting to think it is a train and not sunlight.

The people we trained in the outsourced company have gone home and “trained” more people and no one really knows what they are doing, so the work that is being done in the outsourced company is just not getting done correctly. It takes me and my co-workers ages to monitor their work and follow their path of (not) thinking to figure out what is wrong and why. To be fair, 90% of the work is getting done correctly, it is the 1o% of errors that are so blindingly and frustratingly stupid and annoying. We are just getting to our wits end! (One guy is still, 4 weeks later, on stress-sick leave.) My co-workers and I just don’t understand how the outsourcing people can continue to do these simple mistakes over and over when we have told them all several times in as many ways as we can what is the correct way. (We were told how smart and brilliant they are. The best of the best.)

Next week is month quarter end closing and after that is supposed to be the handover/go-live date, if it gets signed off. My co-workers and I will be hugely shocked if the handover/go-live happens on time (or would we be more shocked if it actually happens?). If the handover/go-live doesn’t happen, it means my co-workers and I will still be monitoring the outsourced work and emails (I haven’t even touched on the emails) for another month? two? We just don’t know anymore.


Speaking of not knowing.  I obviously still haven’t moved to my new job within the company. As of the last time my start date was postponed, I wasn’t even given a date. Not that it matters any more, I won’t be going to that team anyway. I have a new NEW job within the company! I’ll be working in the Contact Center. It’s a newly created position within my company and I’ll be the 2nd employee in the team (in addition to the team leader). I’m excited to see what this job entails. My new team leader would like me to start next Tuesday, April 1st, but that ain’t going to happen. I can only hope for the week following that.. Time will tell.

Until then, work is going to continue to be insane. But I’m trying to leave work at work as much as I can. Life with Paxlet (and Mr Siili) is pretty good. Especially with the snow gone (not that we had much this year) and spring in the air. I could do without allergies, runny nose and swollen eyes though.


2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Well, now you’re talking. 🙂 Yes, this is much more like the posts we are used to.
    Hope the work clears up soon, after you start at the new position. It sounds like you really like your work, it would be nice if it loved you back. 🙂

  2. Ha I wondered about that post yesterday, figured you were just shedding your cloak of anonymity. I was starting to pick up a bit of Finnish (from process of deduction)
    Work sounds crazy! Hope the new position is a bit more do-able. Training people up and then monitoring them while you do your usual work is full on, I know!

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