March 25, 2014

In the last week, Paxlet’s language skills have exploded! He’s gone from saying two words together, to trying to talk sentences. Sure, his sentences aren’t quite making sense to us at the moment, but he is saying sentences anyway. Some of the things he has been saying lately (a little bit jumbled, but we can understand them anyway):
– ei ole xxx.
– on? (Missä on xxx?)
– Meesha? (Missä?)
– Miks ei /
– Oh well
– ei ole halua (? we think something like this)

Today at his evening snack, he said “oh well” and then Mr Siili said he got this look of intense concentration/thinking on his face and then came out and said “miks ei” and started laughing. He really thinks that is just funny to say.

Sounds, sounds and more sounds! He is listening to every little noise around him and copying it. Usually there is a hand clap to go along with the bang/boom/clap/snap sound.
Today he heard some skateboarders, so we stopped to watch them for a bit. He was mesmerized. And then as he heard their boards hit the ground, he said “clap” and hit his hands together.

When Mr Siili got home, Paxlet got crazy for Mansi and chased her a bit, but then he began searching for Mansi. He looked in his Duplo box and said “ei ole”, then he looked in / pointed in the kärry and said “ei ole”. He did that with a couple of other things too.

When Paxlet and I were coming home from downtown on the bus, he stuck his straw down my jacket sleeve and then said “(Missä) on?” and then when I asked him the same he started giggling. We did this a few more times and he thought it was fun. Then when we got home, he put his toy phone in an egg carton, closed it and asked me “on?”. And when I asked him where what was? He repeated it and sort of pointed to the carton and then opened it.

I stuck a square of paper on the under-the-stairs doors and helped Paxlet (gave him the stuff) to put stickers and pieces of paper (with glue on them) to the paper. He loved it. And then later that evening/next day, he tore most of the pieces off. And in the evening we did it again.


9 thoughts on “March 25, 2014

  1. You realise that
    1- you used real names and
    2- unless one speaks Finnish, the sense of much of it is lost to the regular english speaker,
    don’t you? 🙂
    In any case, it sounds like you have been having loads of fun.

    • 1. Doh! Thank you, corrected. Although, I know a copy of the original will be out there in the internet-world forever. Oh well. 😀
      2. This wasn’t supposed to come to this blog at all! *blush* This was/is an entry in Paxlet’s daily (weekly) journal. I’ll update more about it soon.

  2. So fun! Can’t wait until mine start talking. They are ten month old twins. I think one of them might have been trying to say “book” last night. It seemed like it 🙂

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