A year and a half of breastfeeding and still going

I’ve been meaning to write this for almost a week now. My little boy turned a year and a half last Friday. And we’re still breastfeeding.

I never had any hard expectations of how I would feed my baby (if I ever got the chance to be a mom). I just always thought that I would like to breastfeed, if possible. But if that didn’t work out, I know I would have tried my best and a bottle fed baby would be just fine too.

I feel that I was and am one of the lucky ones. Breastfeeding happened quite naturally and wasn’t too difficult or painful. Ok, ok, there were a few times in the very beginning where my nipples were very sore (Thank you, Lansinoh. You’re a nipple saver!) and even a point when Paxlet was around 6 months that they were so insanely sensitive that I had thoughts of quitting breastfeeding. It so happened that my most desperate times were evening and middle of the night. This momma doesn’t do tiredness well.

As Paxlet started eating more solids, he naturally didn’t want as much milk from me. When we got closer to his first birthday and me heading back to work, I wasn’t sure what we’d do. I figured I could stop, it was a year of breastfeeding after all. Eventually I decided to wait and follow Paxlet’s lead. So, we didn’t really change that much and I just continued breastfeeding as he wanted it. When I first went back to work, I would try to feed him after I picked him up from daycare, but that didn’t last too long. Paxlet was generally full from snack and he just wanted to play! We’ve settled into the routine that he gets milk when he wakes in the morning (in the beginning it was way too early) and then just before bed. On weekends he also gets milk before his nap. (Actually, he falls asleep for his nap on the boob most days still.) Lately though, he has been wanting the boob less and less. Some days he doesn’t want it when he wakes, others he doesn’t want it before bed. But so far he still always wants it before nap time.

It makes me a bit sad that this time will end, probably in the near-ish future. Although, I’m not yet ready to force him to stop breastfeeding, just yet. But it also makes me quite proud of myself and my body. I’ve breastfed my baby for a year and a half! How amazing is that?!


10 thoughts on “A year and a half of breastfeeding and still going

  1. Wow! Congrats! My first goal is to make it 6 months exclusively breastfeeding. My next goal is to make it a year. After that- who knows??

  2. Congratulations! I too am still breastfeeding at 20mo, and there is no intention on either part to stop it soon. Stevie nurses before and after sleeping, sometimes he asks to when he hurts, or he is sick, he made up his own word for it, and considering he is my last baby, I will continue breastfeeding until he decides he does not want to anymore. And then I will pack his bags for college, and that will be that. :-))
    Sorry, 21 months. When did another month slipped by?!

    • Good for you!
      Paxlet now just says “boob” sometimes it means he wants it (then he taps my boobs) and other times just because he sees my boobs or they get in his way (leaning over him to pull up pants/diapers).

      I’ve lost a month too recently. Crazy how it happens!

  3. Congrats on keeping on going with the breastfeeding! We are still going at 20 months, often, although I am at home and use it as a solution every time he cries.

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