So darn tired

I think about writing here, but I just can’t make myself lately. I’m just so tired and exhausted most evenings. Or I’m just not in the mood.

Work has been insanely busy this year, and well, even the last couple of months of last year too. First we had the announcement about the restructuring of the organization I work at and the scramble to keep our jobs/positions. Thankfully I got to keep my job in a new department, but many did not. While the new organization was official as of December 1st, the reality of it is far from ready in many departments. The “old” department I am a part of is inundated with work. So much so, that I won’t be going to my new team/department until the beginning of January end of January end of February (end of March anyone?). Really, there is much more work than our team can handle, plus we’ve lost a few people, and it feels as if there is no sight in end, although it should end within a couple of months. All of January we were training new people from the outsourced company who are going to take part of our work. And now we are supervising them as they start taking our work. So not only do we have our own daily work, we have to check and supervise their work. This is not going as smoothly as we were led to believe it would and our supervisors and especially the big bosses don’t see any problems, nor understand why we are upset. No, we are not upset that we are losing our jobs (or that they are changing), we’ve gotten over that part. We are upset that things aren’t working the way we were told they would, not even close in some cases! Anyway, I have it lucky because I only work part time (and have to leave by 2:20pm the latest to pick up Paxlet on time) and thus I am not staying at work 11 or more hours a day.

By the time I get home from work, play with Paxlet for a few hours, make and eat dinner, play some more, give Paxlet his evening snack and finally get him into bed, I’m just not in the mood to write in the evenings. And to top it off, I’ve been sick this last week. This cold has morphed from one thing (tiredness, runny/stuffy nose and slightly fever-y) to another (tired, cough and fever-y) and I’m just ready for it to go away. But I don’t feel that will happen any time soon, because I cough half the night and don’t get much sleep and the vicious cycle keeps going.

Enough of me and my complaining. I just wanted to let the world know where I’ve been. We’re alive, for now. 😀


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