17 months of Paxlet

This is my 500th post! And what a great topic for it to be about.


My goodness, where does the time go. No, really! Where did it go? I just posted on FB that Paxlet is 16 months old today and a friend immediately informed me that he has to be 17 months old because her boy is 16 months. Talk about embarrassing. LOL. Time really has gone by quickly. Not just the days, but weeks and months are zooming by. Mr Siili and I just marvel, sometimes daily, at how quick our baby is becoming and has become a little boy. I hope I am taking enough time to stop, take the time to just be present and enjoy it all while it happens so that I have memories to remember later on. (Writing several times a week in a journal helps.)

I’ve been thinking of an update on Paxlet for some time, so, here it is.

I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is officially. Last time we had a neuvola visit, over a month ago, he was 11 kilos (24 pounds) and 79 centimeters (31 inches). We’ve gone up another clothing size since then and he just feels heavier.

He now has 12 teeth (4 front upper and bottom, plus molars) and the canines look as if they will start breaking through soon. And he’s still biting! Some days or periods are worse than others, but it is not fun or funny. Neither is scratching or pinching. We still haven’t figured out how to get him to stop or at least take us seriously when we say no/ouch/that hurts.

Paxlet has over 50 words that he says, without prompting or just repeating what we say. (Yes, I’ve been writing them down.) It’s a pretty even split between Finnish and English. Paxlet also uses/says many more things that we just don’t understand yet. We can see how happy/proud/excited Paxlet gets when he says something and we understand him or respond in a way that shows we understand. He also has 4 baby signs that he uses, some more than others. And roughly 8 animal sounds.

This boy eat likes a champ! Not only does he have a healthy appetite, I don’t think there is anything he won’t eat. Even the pickle that Mr Siili said he doesn’t like, he ate last night. He does get the occasional sweet, but not enough to know exactly where they come from yet or that he wants them all the time. Thanks to daycare, Paxlet is pretty good with a fork and spoon even if he does prefer his hands sometimes (don’t we all?).

Walking is so old school these days. We’ve got some “running”, twirling, walking backwards and sideways action going on. And now Paxlet is into climbing. He’s finally figured out how to get up on the couch and living room chairs on his own. And more recently he’s figured out how to get up on the kitchen chairs. Nothing is safe anymore!

Paxlet is finally at a point where he’ll sometimes sit long enough to look at a few pages of a book with me. Three nights ago I remembered we had Goodnight Moon and pulled it out before bedtime. It was a huge hit and Paxlet sat through 2 readings of it. This evening he got so excited when I pulled the book out to read. He loves saying goodnight to everything (even before the book) when we’re getting ready to head upstairs for bed. I can’t wait to read more books to him.

I’m asked several times a week if we can get the vacuum out. He loves to vacuum and sweep. He also loves playing in the plastic/Tupperware drawer. Diggers, cars, trucks and other things that move are great. Thankfully we have some “permanent” diggers across the street from our house that we see (moving even) on a daily basis. Any of my household machines that make noise (blenders, hair dryer, hand mixer, etc) are awesome. He can’t call them by name, but he does a pretty good imitation of their noise when he sees them.

Daycare is going really well. We all like the lady who watches after Paxlet and the other kids. Quite often Paxlet wanders off as soon as I get him out of his winter clothes. And when I come to pick him up in the afternoons, often time it is challenging to get him to disengage long enough to get his clothes on so we can leave. This makes me happy enough, although I would still prefer to be at home with him.

The tantrums he throws when he doesn’t get what he wants (for whatever reason) are cute and laughable, for now. We do try and contain ourselves and not laugh where he can see/hear, but sometimes it is just too much. Paxlet twists his face up, bends over almost as if he is in pain and does this weird wrist twisting/bending things. It’s just adorable!

But mostly, Paxlet is a sweet, happy and bright little boy that really is a joy to be around. His off moments are far and few in between. I know at times when we are in the midst of an off moment I sometimes get frustrated and don’t think too happy thoughts, but really even those aren’t that bad. We are truly lucky to have this little boy we call Paxlet in our lives.

It is truly amazing to be able to watch someone grow from a tiny infant larva into a learning and thinking (and someday reasoning) person. Sure, I’ve watched my siblings grow up when I myself was younger and I’ve seen friends’ kids growing up at random intervals. But seeing someone on a daily basis and really watching them grow is mind boggling amazing!


2 thoughts on “17 months of Paxlet

  1. He sounds positively adorable!
    George loved Good night moon very much. Steve does too, but the book is pretty much ruined by now, Steve is honestly too rough with books, even though he is far more interested than George was at his age.
    Another book that was a favourite for months was Good night Gorilla. Even now George pulls it from time to time and he even ‘read’ it to Stevie once, it has no words, just pictures, and so he just explained everything, using the intonation we used to. Breaks my heart that I did not catch that on video…

  2. He sounds lovely. Our boy likes the Hungry Caterpillar – ironically, he enjoys chewing the book as much as he likes it having read to him.

    Aah! I wish I could introduce Paxlet and the Boy – it sounds like they’re doing pretty much exactly the same things right now! The words thing is zooming by so quickly – they seem to have a new one every day.

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