20 years

Where the heck has time gone?! What do you mean I’m no longer 17, almost 18? Wait, I’m not even in my 20’s anymore?!?! Oh My Goodness! Where have the years gone? Seriously!

My first* high school is planning our 20 year reunion. I didn’t graduate from this high school, but I did go to schools in this town/district most of my life. And because of the internet and FB, I am friends with several people I never really talked to during high school, but talk to some now. Because of these connections, I have been invited to the FB group to see what is being planned. I most likely won’t make it back to my hometown during the reunion, but I do like the idea of it.

Mr Siili asked me if I was friends with any of these people during high school. (No, not really. Not that we were ever horrible to each other, I just wasn’t in the same groups as most of them.) He also asked if I talked to any of them now (some randomly on FB only, but 1 or 2 sometimes) and would I really want to see them (yeah, I would)  and why (it would be sort of cool to show off that I made it out of our little town and half a world away, plus I have Finnish citizenship).

The second I start thinking about 20 years ago…I realize that I am 37, almost 38 and that is so close to 40. I’m not old!! But, yikes, 40 is sounding a bit old right now.

*I went to two different high schools, they were in towns right next to each other.


One thought on “20 years

  1. Same age. Feels like the older i get,the more surreal the age thing is. 40 soon, supposed to be an age where one has their shit together. Pah!

    High school thing sounds like hell and yeah 20 years? Two decades? Wtf?! Then again, does feel like such a long time since i was at school

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