Finally snow

It’s mid-January and we’ve only just yesterday gotten snow. I’ve been waiting for snow for some time and thankful it is finally here. (Ask me about it in a couple of months and I’ll tell you a different story.) It sure does make these long dark winter days much brighter!
Once Paxlet wakes up from his nap, we’re gonna take him outside to play in the snow and pull him on the sled.

I’ve had lots of thoughts on posts I’d like to write, but nothing that makes me actually spend the time to write. I still comment quite a bit, but just not write my own stuff. Some day soon, I’ll write something real.


5 thoughts on “Finally snow

  1. We’re having spring weather over here. Trees are starting to bloom and I fear they will be ruined if cold and snow do come eventually.
    I understand perfectly the mind-numb state, I blame it on January.

    • My dad told me Oregon is having a drought and the driest it has been in 40 or so years. Scary! Especially when I remember winter being rainy, rainy and more rain! It’s definitely not like that anymore. 😦

  2. Enjoy the snow! I have missed that this year but heard it hasn’t been much better in Sweden. It’s been a rainy winter so far but finally we have had some sun over here in England.

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