If it’s really good

I have never read a Harlequin romance book.

Wait, I need to clarify that statement: I have never read one of those books you see at the check out stand with the word “Harlequin” on the spine. I have read some romance books, but they generally just aren’t my cup of tea. And as it turns out, my reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen qualifies as a harlequin novel/book. And I didn’t care for P&P…

But this post isn’t about what I do or don’t read. This is about a co-worker I worked with years ago. She was very conservative and I was very young (16, almost 17) when I started working at the coffee house with her and definitely not conservative. She wasn’t old, maybe mid-twenties at most, but she sure seemed old at the time to my young self.


About a year after I started working there, I started going out with my ex. He would find said co-worker in the back room eating her lunch of Ramen noodles with her nose stuck in a book. My ex would ask what she is reading, she would tell him and he’d give her a bad time about it. (Not too bad.) Eventually she would just hold the book up higher and continue reading. But one day, upon his asking something about the books she read, she said this: If it’s a good book, they (the Hero and Heroine) kiss at the end. If it’s a really good book, they kiss in the middle.

For some reason that has always stuck with me. It also made me wonder what she’d think of some of the books I read. No, never mind, I didn’t need to wonder what she’d think, she would have been scandalized. LOL


It’s International Delurking week (January 5th – 12th, 2014), so make your presence known.

What books do you read?


7 thoughts on “If it’s really good

  1. Currently I’m on a YA fiction kick, but that’s because I like to keep up with my niece.

    Life is like that too. It’s good if you kiss in the middle 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m up, for various reasons, and I am reading (right before I came here to comment :-)), Dragonfly in Amber. 😀 And I was actually thinking of you, and how we would virtually both jump up and down since this year MOBY is due AND the tv series! Seriously, I am chuffed to bits!

  3. I like that concept about kissing in the middle. I think it is a better reflection of life to have love as you’re going along (with all its challenges) rather than the airy fairy happily ever after at the end.

  4. Ha ha! I just read my first Harlequin in YEARS a couple of weeks ago. A lady I went to university with has become a writer for them and I was curious about her writing. It was…a Harlequin. lol

  5. I read a pretty wide range of books, really. When I was about 11 or 12, I was reading too much too fast of age-appropriate goods so my mom slipped me a Danielle Steel novel and for a long time I was hooked on her and Sandra Brown … not officially “Harlequin” but not exactly literature either. Last year I read the entire Outlander series. Last night I started Divergent. We’ll see what’s next!

  6. Not a lurker, but just a slow commenter! I don’t read romance novels, but I enjoy other types of fiction. I’m really not too picky- I just need/want a good story!

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