Baths and hedgehogs

Sunday evening, Paxlet and I made some salt dough ornaments. (They turned out insanely cute!). For color, I used some of my cake decorating food coloring diluted with a bit of water so we could paint brush it on. It worked beautifully and the colors are bright and vibrant. Downside? Food coloring isn’t quite easy to wash off skin, especially not when it is all over a 1 year 3 month old little boy. It didn’t help that I painted his hands to get hand prints. When he was done, I carried him upstairs to the bathroom for a bath.

My phone got an accidental bath too. I snatched it out of the bath before it fully submerged, but it still got water inside the back cover. After seeing that my phone was booting itself and not working, I took it apart and put it in a dry rice “bath”. Thankfully I still have my very old phone (it has a color screen and can vibrate when instead of ring) as a back up. But this very old phone sucks! The 6 button sticks, the ring tone is mechanical and there is no way to have the phone vibrate only for the morning alarm. And worst of all, I can’t read any books on it. What was I going to do while Paxlet was falling asleep? What was I going to do while I fell asleep? It’s not like I can turn the light on and wake him…

I just let my mind wander while Paxlet was falling asleep, almost falling asleep myself. But I solved my (first world) problem about how I was going to read before going to sleep. I have the ebook I am reading as a paperback too! I’m reading Outlander (Book 1) by Diana Gabaldon (again, for the 3rd time). I borrowed the bike flashlight that Paxlet had been playing with all day and hid under my covers and read.

As I was reading, I came to a spot that had me in fits of laughter and giggles and tears running down my face. I remember when I was reading it last time, I had this same reaction. Mr Siili heard me giggling and snorting and asked what was so funny. When I tried to tell him about it, I laughed so hard it took me a few tries before I could get the words out. He didn’t find it all that amusing. I’m also quite sure that the first time I read this passage, I had the same reaction.

Warning: mini-spoiler ahead

Excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander – Chapter 23 Return to Leoch (close to the middle of the book)
Horrocks!” I exclaimed suddenly, sitting bolt upright in bed.

“Hah?” Jamie, startled out of a sound sleep, shot sideways out of bed, ending on the floor in a crouch, hand on the dirk he had left on top of his piled clothes. “What?” he demanded, staring wildly around the room. “What is it?”

I stifled a giggle at the sight of him, crouched naked on the floor, red hair standing on end like quills.

“You look like a fretful porpentine,” I said.

He gave me a dirty look and rose to his feet, replacing the dirk on the stool that held his clothes.

“You couldna wait ’til I woke to tell me that?” he inquired. “You thought it would make more impression if ye woke me out of a sound sleep by shouting ‘Hedgehog!’ in my ear?”

“Not ‘hedgehog,’ ” I explained. “Horrocks. I remembered all at once that I’d forgotten to ask you about him. Did you find him?”
And I’m actually giggling again now while I post this.


One thought on “Baths and hedgehogs

  1. I too am rereading Outlander these days, and just read this scene yesterday, or the day before. It is my favourite of the series.
    I love paperwhite kindle, makes reading in the dark so much easier, and the battery lasts for days and days. Strongly recommend it.

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