Bye Bye digger

I took some sugar cookies to Paxlet’s daycare on Monday. The daycare lady asked me if I like baking cakes and would I want to bake a täytekakku (filled cream cake, very traditional Finnish cake) for her son’s birthday this weekend. She said she’d pay for the ingredients and my time. I took her up on the offer. Now I need to decide on the filling for the cake. During the summer fresh strawberries are used a lot of the time. But since it isn’t summer, I was thinking of using something else, just no banana. A friend on FB suggested peach and raspberries. I think I like that, as the colors are pretty and peach slices would look lovely on top.
Any more suggestions?
Test run for xmas gift cookies. They turned out yummy and fun!

Test run for xmas gift cookies. They turned out yummy and fun!

Paxlet and I have been on a mission to find a digger (or two) after daycare this week. The digger that has been working across the street from our house for some time drove down the sidewalk one morning (Monday? Friday? It feels forever ago.) to not return. Hence the reason we’ve been out looking for one.
Where's the digger? This is where it is supposed to be! Paxlet looks so forlorn in this picture.

Where’s the digger? This is where it is supposed to be!
Paxlet looks so forlorn in this picture.

And find them we did! Monday we found a parked digger (the one that drove away) and Paxlet started pointing at it and saying “diiii, diiii”. He was so happy to find it. And then yesterday after daycare, he heard a digger before he even saw it! So we had to go check it out. We walked closer to where the guy was working and Paxlet watched it very intently, grinning at times and again pointing and saying “diiii”. The guy even waved (back) at us! As we were leaving to go home, I told Paxlet to say “bye bye” to the digger and he waved and said “baa” over and over and over. (He hasn’t stopped saying “bye” since.) Today, we went and found both of those diggers again. And then as we drove to the store to pick up my new glasses, Paxlet “found” another digger working at the side of the street while I was at a red light. Paxlet is a great digger spotter. So if anyone needs a digger-spotter…just saying.I spy a digger!

I spy a digger!

Bye Bye Digger!

Bye Bye Digger!

Speaking of new glasses, wowzers! The world looks like it is in 3D and full of beautiful colors! These glasses were definitely needed. These weren’t a want purchase, but a seriously needed one. My previous pair of glasses were 3-4 years old and something was very wrong with the coating on the lens, like an absence of it. You know something isn’t right when the world looks clearer, brighter and more technicolor when you are wearing your older (back up pair) of glasses. My SIL, who is an optician, was amazed I could see anything at all with my old glasses.

It’s going to take some time to get used to these new glasses. They don’t have nose pads like all my other glasses have had, except for my very first pair when I was 14. And those were hideously huge. They’re cute, dark purple (almost black if not in the right light) and only cost me 59€!
That's the best you're going to get after 9pm. :D

That’s the best you’re going to get after 9pm. 😀

I got a text message today that a friend of mine had her baby yesterday! I am so happy for her. She started TTC around the same time Mr Siili and I did, but only started treatments (IVF) in January of this year. The first round worked! I am so glad I shared my TTC difficulties and was able to guide her to get the help she needed. She was the first pregnancy announcement that my heart truly and 100% soared when I heard about it. There was no pang of jealousy or other negativity. I was truly happy for her.

There have also been two other friends who have had their babies within the last week. And another one due in January. And two more women in my building association that are obviously pregnant, with a 3rd who gave birth a month ago or so. Pregnancy is definitely in my face right and on my mind again. I would love to get pregnant again and have a second child, but I’m very doubtful it will happen on its own and I just don’t believe the lonely frozen embryo will amount to anything. It took a lot of attempts and even more embryos just to get Paxlet. How can one little frozen embryo mean a viable pregnancy with a take home baby?
Just a random cute cat picture to separate two subjects.

Just a random cute cat (Rusty) picture to separate two subjects.

Work is less stressful at the moment. Busy, but not nearly as stressful. I know December is going to go by very quickly and then I’ll be moving to my new team some time at the beginning of the year. I can feel short-timer’s “disease” coming on soon.


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye digger

  1. Cool glasses!

    In German digger is called ‘bagger’, pronounced ‘buh-gger’. I am spotting diggers and pointing at them while driving, saying loudly BUHGGER, even when I am alone in the car, that well he trained me… The same for trucks and cranes. Crazy. Long way of saying that ‘spy a digger’ is here to stay for a few years, take heed.

    I have to say, there are more pregnant women than ever before, around these parts as well. I hope you will be one of them pregnant women in the future. I truly hope so.

  2. I could write almost the same post… Except I can’t bake cookies, and here it doesn’t snow that much. But the coating of my lenses is broken and one little frozen embryo is patiently awaiting for me…

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