Woohoo work update!

I have a continued position at my work!!!! It is in a different team, doing different stuff, but I have a job. I am so very, very thankful and relieved. Happy early Thanksgiving to me (even if it isn’t celebrated here in Finland and I’ve had a hard time remembering it this year).

Yesterday, I had an “interview” with someone I hadn’t talked to before and the team leader with which I have a position now. She had only sent me the invite for this chat Monday evening after I had already gone home. So, it was a surprise to me when I came to work Tuesday morning. Today, at 9:37 am exactly, I got a chat message from the same lady, my future team leader, asking if I had time to come talk to her. She said that in situations like this, she wants to have the talks and notify everyone as quickly as possible. I couldn’t agree more! I was anxious and hopeful walking into the room, but I was extremely happy and even a bit surprised when she offered me a position with her team. I did tear up a bit, but managed to not cry.

This new position/restructured organization doesn’t take place until December 1st, but it will still be some time after that before I will start learning my new position. I will be needed in my current position to help transition work to the outsourcing company and getting the new team situated. I don’t mind it taking time, because I have a continued job!

So, happy day for me. And unfortunately it is going to be a sad and heartbreaking day for many others.

And now for me to get back to work and quite blogging. 😀


p.s. I wonder if my phone is broken… I sent a message to Mr Siili and best friend, R, but neither has responded yet. 😦 Although to be fair to Mr Siili, he is probably still sleeping as he hasn’t been sleeping to well at night because of a nasty cough.


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