Animal sounds and work update

After I posted my animal sounds post, I realized I probably should have said a bit more about the sounds in Finnish. Ever since I realized animals say different things in different languages, I have been intrigued by it. Some of the sounds just seem completely insane and others make a lot of sense. In Finnish, many of the sounds make sense, some of them maybe even better than in English. For example, a pig in Finnish says “röh röh”, which sounds a lot more like a pig’s sound than “oink”. I just wish I could figure out how to type the sound in English. Also, a Finnish rooster’s “kuk-ko-kie-kuu” is more like the sound of the animal than English’s “cock-a-doodle-doo”. Although, the words have the same idea in Finnish and English. I still have a hard time with horses (and zebras) saying iha-haa. They just neigh! But one of my favorites (after the frog, of course) is the Great tit (talitiainen) bird. It says ti-ti-tyy (tee-tee-two) and that is really what it sounds like!


Last Friday, just before I left for work, I sent a quick email to one of the ladies I had my recruitment discussion with on Monday. I thanked her for the interview and that before I had submitted my application I was a bit unsure of my 1st and 2nd options and now I wish I had put my 2nd option as my first. Then I wished her a good evening at the Christmas party (that was to happen in a few hours) and a great weekend. And I hit send. A few minutes later I got a reply… I had accidentally send the email to HKM, when I wanted to send the email to HM. Doh! Talk about embarrassing. The email made it to the correct person in any case and she let me know today that she received my email.


Today at work I received a chat message from my former team leader asking if I would come and talk to her about my position options. And not to panic. I told her I would be right down there and no panicking from me! My former team leader (who has a new & different position these days) was in her office along with another lady and they wanted to ask me a few questions about the jobs I put in my application, their positions on my list and my thoughts about a couple of other things relating to these topics. It was only a 5 minute conversation, but I’m feeling pretty good after it. Or rather, I’m feeling a little bit less stressed and feeling like this conversation wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t have any intention of keeping me.

Only a couple of more days left! I’ll find out on Wednesday or Thursday the very latest!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me please.


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