Funny Finnish-isms – animal sounds

What does the fox say? No, really? What does the fox say?

Funnily enough, as much as the fox song by Ylvis has gotten stuck in my head lately, that is not what has prompted this post. I’ve been thinking of a series of “Funny Finnish” posts lately. Though the posts aren’t really funny, per say, I just like the alliteration and language in and of itself is “funny”. Then yesterday evening when Paxlet, Mr Siili and I were reading an animal book, saying the animals’ names and making their sounds, it reminded me how different some of the animal sounds are between English and Finnish.

cat kissa
meow miau
dog koira
woof woof,
bow wow
vuh vuh,
hau hau
cow lehmä
moo ammuu
horse hevonen
neigh iha-haa
chicken kana
cluck cluck
bok bok
kot kot
rooster kukko
cock-a-doodle-doo kukkokiekuu
chick kananpoika
duck ankka
quack kvak
sheep lammas
baa mäh
pig porsas
oink röh röh
frog sammakko
owl pöllö
hoo hoo
whit woo
toowit toowoo
bird linttu

5 thoughts on “Funny Finnish-isms – animal sounds

  1. Wow that’s so interesting . The English words mimick, or sound similar, to the actual sound so I expected the Finnish words to be similar too- but most of them are not!

  2. I found it very funny too,when I discovered these differences between English and Italian… In Italian the dog goes “bau bau”, the hen “coccodé”, the rooster “chicchirichí” (read ‘kikkirikí) and the chick goes “pio pio” 😀

  3. How interesting. I once heard a song about the different animal sounds in various languages…it was fascinating! Thank you for sharing the Finnish version!!

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