More work woes

I feel like I am whining a lot about work and this whole lay-off and re-applying for a job situation, but it is going through my head all the time and I need somewhere to vent. I hate feeling like I’m a whiner and complainer. Bleh.

So, people have started to be interviewed for the new positions. That’s a good thing! It means things are progessing along and something is happening. What isn’t so good is that people in my team are bitching and moaning about what has happened in their own interview: the questions asked, how questions were asked, why some things were asked and so on and so forth. It’s almost impossible to not hear or see them doing this as they stand at a nearby co-worker’s desk and whisper (sometimes loudly) in not so happy voices about these issues. I seem to be mostly left out of these impromptu bitch fests, which truly is ok with me (except for sort of feeling left out, lol), but if I have to see and sort of hear it, it would be nice to at least be able to hear it fully. Maybe. I honestly don’t want to get mixed up in these bitch fests. It is definitely better to stay out of the rumour mongering and unhappiness spreading, but it is hard not to get sucked in and feel stressed about it all when it is right in front of you day after day. And interviews only started yesterday! I’m already feeling even lower and more stressed than I have been the last week or so. Ugh!

I haven’t received my own interview time yet, but it will be during the next week and a half. Murphey’s law would suggest that my interview will be scheduled next week’s Wednesday when I have a dentist appointment that I have been waiting for for over 2 months. On the plus side, the bit of bitching I have overheard has given me some valuable information to think about and prepare for during my own interview.

I know I am getting more stressed about this because I have the constant feeling of a UTI about ready to develop. I know stress does that to me. And I can’t stop thinking about work issues, even when outside of work. I hardly ever do that!

It will soon be over with, one way or another.


3 thoughts on “More work woes

  1. Oh, dear, it sounds rather unpleasant (let’s go with euphemistic this time). Uncertainty never leads to anything good and it brings the worst in people most of the times. Hopefully it will get better when things are resolved and you all know what is what.

  2. Uncertainty, especially in the workplace, demotivates people and simply sucks. I would definitely use the inside information you have heard from coworkers from their interviews to prepare for your upcoming interview!

  3. Wouldn’t say you were whining on . . . It sounds like a massively stressful situation where it would reasonable to be worried. Love your positive take on your colleagues bitching, on having.something to prepare with! Good luck with your interview and hope itisnt on Wednesday

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