This and that

I started this post several days ago, saved it, came back to it, didn’t write anything and now here I am again. I’ve got lots of thoughts running through my head, but none that really warrant a post in and of themselves. So, I’m writing a bit about this and that…

– This last weekend I made some some apple pannari. Pannari are pancakes in Finnish. Quick, easy and yummy. I’ll be keeping this recipe to do make them again.

– I made some pea soup last week. It was a disaster. I blame it on the Finnish peas. What I remember about the US is that the peas we buy in the store are “split”, without the shell holding the two pea halves together, hence split pea soup. In Finland, I haven’t found split peas and for some reason my pea soup just isn’t that appealing. This was the 2nd time I attempted this. The last/first time was many years ago and at least long enough to forget how horrible it was. I soaked the peas almost 24 hours, cooked the crud out of them and still it wasn’t as creamy and yummy as I had hoped and remembered.

– My back is feeling better, for the most part. I at least don’t have shooting pain in my lower back/buttock and down my leg. It is rare that I don’t feel some sort of pain or discomfort in my back or neck, but to have minimal pain is great! I do hope my hip area (one of the SI joints) stays unlocked and mobile.
Update: I’m feeling a bit of achy-pinchy pain right where I was hurting recently. I hope it doesn’t get any worse. If so, I’ll be back at the work doctor, possibly chiro and/or physical therapist soon.

– Mr Siili and I cut out of work earl last Friday and went to Ikea. We were in and out of there in under 2 hours (more like just over an hour), plus we ate there! Swedish meatballs! Yummy, but not nearly as yummy as people make the hype out to be. We bought a mini-chair, a table and 2 chairs for Paxlet and some shelving parts for us. Paxlet and the cats loved sitting on the boxes, but Mr Siili was too excited to put the mini-chair together for Paxlet. Now Paxlet and the cats are “fighting” over who gets to use the chair. And play with the empty box. The table and chairs we’ll put together at a later date.

– Once the mini-chair was put together for Paxlet and he figured out how to climb into it, it wasn’t long (seriously, 30 minutes tops!) before he figured out how to climb on the foot stool and into the big chairs.

– Not only is Paxlet climbing up on the chairs now, much to the cats’ dismay and Paxlet’s intense proudness, he is doing many other new things. He started turning in circles/spinning this last Friday. The first time I almost through it was just him turning around to find something, but he did it twice in a row before getting too dizzy to continue. Paxlet also figured out you can climb through the huge cardboard tube we have behind the couch (it was originally a cat tunnel). That’s been a great hit! And the other night, Paxlet figured out he can climb under our bed. Mr Siili suggested we put mops on his hands and knees so he can dust under there while at it.

– I still have no desire for sex. My libido just isn’t there. It bothers me, if I think about it and when Mr Siili gets a bit frisky, but really, I just don’t think about sex much. I still have hope that when I am fully done breastfeeding (no idea when that will happen as it is the easiest way to get Paxlet to sleep) my sex drive will come back. I’m also wondering if I should go to a doctor to ask about this or not.

– Mr Siili told me I was grumping and being grumpy this last weekend. That made me truly grumpy. We had words and not a pleasant time for part of the weekend. We’re still a bit standoffish with each other. Sigh. I know something needs to be done about it, but I think my “attitude” wasn’t grumpiness per se, but most likely PMS. As much as I hate to admit it or put blame on hormones, it’s the only reason I can think of why I was the way I was, although I still don’t really think I was in that bad of a mood.

– Last night I made a mudcake. It was insanely easy and quite yummy. I’m definitely making this again!!

– Today at work a former co-worker who is 7months pregnant came in to say hi and brought us homemade flan. She’s from Mexico and it was amazing flan! I still have a piece at work for tomorrow. I also got talking with her and another co-worker (from China) about pregnancy, periods, issues relating to pregnancy (delivery, diabetes, breast feeding, etc), what could be possible causes of stopping someone from getting pregnant and so on. The pregnant lady had no problems getting pregnant (good for her), and the Chinese lady is worried/concerned it will be hard for her to get pregnant, although she has no real basis for her worry/concern, in her words (it’s just what she is like). It was a great conversation, but I couldn’t help but feeling like I had a bigger (badder) picture of  it all. But I kept kicking myself and reminding myself to not scare them with the bad stuff, be happy and love that I can now talk about this stuff without as much hurt in my heart.


4 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Lower sex drive is VERY normal right now. I’m going through that too — I’m just exhausted and happy I’ve made it through the day — thinking about sex is usually the last thing on my list! But if you are worried about it, it might be good to see a counselor who specializes in sex therapy. On the subject of your lower back/butt/thigh, have you considered it could be sciatica? What your describing is what my mom has suffered with on and off for many years, since her early 40s I think. Might be worth asking your doctor about it.

    • I know a lower or non-existant sex drive is very normal, but I still don’t like it.

      I know my back issue is not sciatica. When I mentioned sciatica and explained my symtpoms to my chiropractor, he said it isn’t that and that I should be very thankful, even though back pain is still pain and not fun. He did say it was a sacroiliac joint (SI) issue and this link explained and described what I am experience very well:
      I am sure this pain is caused by carrying Paxlet around on my right hip/side of the body.

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