It is done, sort of

Last Friday, all of the job positions for the newly restructured organization for my work opened up. Today was the first bit of time I had to sit down and fill out the application, at work (in the work internal system). I would have liked to get my application filled out and submitted earlier, but it’s been quite busy at work this week with a few people out of the office.

So, I looked over the job descriptions. Decided in what order I wanted to apply for the jobs (1-5, 1 being the most desirable). I then got my application filled out, CV updated a tiny bit and went to submit the form. Nothing happened! I pressed submit again, still nothing. I then asked a co-worker what happened when he submitted his application, as I know he had issues also. He had the same thing happen and had to contact the HR people, who asked for an IT ticket to be opened in order to fix the problem. While the ticket was being opened, the HR people submitted his application manually. I suppose this is what will happen to me too. Ugh.

I just want all of this to be done: the waiting, applying, interviewing, finding out who gets a job and who doesn’t and then eventually the lay-offs. I’m not feeling as confident or relaxed about this anymore. Thankfully most of this will be over in 4 weeks or less.


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