Merry early Christmas, or not

As I said a while back, things aren’t so good and happy at my work right now. There is going to be restructuring of the departments and teams and some lay-offs. My work announced this at the end of August (just before I came back to work). And since then, there have been negotiations between my work and the unions, which ended last week’s Thursday. Today was the first time since the negotiations ended that we got any sort of new and concrete information of what will happen going forward.

While I am happy that things are progressing, it is still very uncertain for us employees. Since there is restructuring, the position I have now, and what many others have, will no longer exist in the new working view of our company. As such, everyone has to apply for the new jobs if they want a chance to stay in the company. Since I have a permanent contract, my continuation with the company is a bit more sure than those who have a temporary contract. But it still isn’t 100% guaranteed.

There are what I think will be some new and exciting positions in the newly restructured company. The tasks and work load will be different and more challenging, so I have been told. I am looking forward to that. The new positions will be online (internally) starting tomorrow. We’ll have two weeks to apply and then during the last week of November the “nominations” of who will get what positions will be announced.

After our info meeting today, my big boss stopped by for a second. I congratulated her on finally finding out what position she will have going forward. (She was basically in the same boat as the rest of us peons, for the first time and she didn’t like it. Really?! *sarcastic snark*) She said she is happy to have a job (even if it isn’t her first choice) and she knows how it is to wait to find out, as she has known about these changes even longer than we have. My reply to her was that I have waited longer for something I wanted even more, so this is “nothing” in terms of waiting. She gave me a big hug and is happy for me, as she knows of my struggles with IF. She also told me I am the only one who has congratulated her so far and that it really means a lot to her. I told her I know. I am truly happy for my big boss.

But like I said in last week’s post, I really just want to know what is going to happen. Do I have a job or not? I’m not truly worried, yet, about my job, but this wishy-washy in between just sucks.

p.s. There are work meetings all day tomorrow, regarding these changes and new positions. This means that we have almost no time (literally) for our daily work to be done. I might try to come in a tiny bit early… Plus, I’m leaving work earlier than my normal early to go to a hair appointment. I can’t cancel as I’ve been waiting for several weeks already! Fun fun!


5 thoughts on “Merry early Christmas, or not

  1. I really hate it when companies do this sort of stuff, it’s very unsettling. It sounds like you’re in with your big boss, so fingers cross you get something good.

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