Love affair

I love my chiropractor! No, not in that way. I love him as the man who can make my back feel amazing after an adjustment and like I’m walking on air after I leave his office. When I tell him my back or neck hurts in a specific way or place, he listens to me, I mean really listens to me. For me, that makes a huge difference in how my back and neck feel.

Let’s call him Dr Snap Crackle Pop, or rather Dr FeelGood for short(er). I’ve been going to Dr FeelGood for 14,5 years, that’s longer than I’ve lived in Finland! You see, before I officially moved to Finland, I was here for 3 months trying to find a job and during that time my back was hurting. So, Mr Siili and I went to a phone booth*, looked up chiropractor in the yellow pages and started at the top of the list. Dr FeelGood was the first one we call. He spoke English and the rest is history.

All that intro is to say that my back (and neck, for other reasons) has been hurting lately and I am going to see Dr FeelGood on Monday. It’s not uncommon for me to have back (and neck) pains, but this has been a bit different. This pinched sciatic pain has been constant for over a week now. With each step I take, I feel the pain. While sitting down, I feel an ache. While laying down to go to sleep or when I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night, I feel pain. (Thankfully it doesn’t wake me up.) Trying to carry Paxlet, you got it, I feel pain.

I went to my work doctor** this week to have him check out my back and see if there was anything he could rule out or recommend. This doctor went through all my joint movements, reflexes, range of motions, pushing/resisting his hands and everything with my body seems to be in working order. That’s the good bit, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my body. The bad bit is that I am still in pain and a nerve is pinched somewhere in there. This doctor suggested some physical therapy or trying out a chiropractor. That is when I mentioned my relationship with Dr Feelgood. The work doctor said that since I have such a long standing relationship with the Dr FeelGood to try that first. Since I have 2 visits left from my last referral (if I get a referral from the doctor, my work insurance reimburses 80% of the bill), I’ll use those and then let the work doctor know how I feel. If it helps, great! I’ll probably be able to get more referrals when needed. If it doesn’t help, we’ll try something else to try and get my back to feel better. I don’t really care what makes my back feel better, but I just want to stop hurting and soon.

My goodness, I’m so looking forward to my little love affair on Monday!!!

*Mobile phones existed here, quite prolifically for 1998, in the land of Nokia, but Mr Siili didn’t have one. In fact, I got a huge ol’ clonker of a Nokia phone before Mr Siili ever got a mobile phone.

** Actually, it was physiotherapist that I had not had the pleasure to meet before, but it was still through work. So no cost to me for going in to see him.


One thought on “Love affair

  1. I love our family chiropractor too! I actually just took my toddler in yesterday to have her back adjusted because she’s been struggling with a head cold and was very tight through her respiratory nerves. What a great way to prevent and treat our bodies in a natural, holistic way!

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