Teeth brushing

At 13 and a half months, Paxlet now has 8 teeth: 4 in the front on the top and bottom. He’s so cute with those little chiclet teeth poking out when he grins and laughs. Even if they are razor sharp and dangerous when my fingers run the gauntlet that is his mouth trying to get a piece of cardboard or book out of it. But that’s not why I’m writing…

When Paxlet got his first tooth, I excitedly brought out the toothbrush and we started brushing that tooth at bedtime. As more teeth arrived, we kept brushing and he seemed to enjoy it. As he sat on his potty before getting into his pajamas, he’d brush his teeth and I’d brush mine. It was fun! And then a few weeks ago his 7th tooth has just popped through, the 8th was almost through and Paxlet went to his first dentist appointment. It was actually the dental hygienist and all she did was chat with me and look quickly at his teeth, without any instruments except her fingers. She said we should get Paxlet some toddler toothpaste and start brushing twice a day. Right after the appointment, we went to the store and bought him some Moomin toothpaste (he approved of it and chewed on the tube). Ever since then, trying to brush his teeth has become a nightmare!

toothpasteIf I give Paxlet his toothbrush with an itty-bitty dab of toothpaste, he’ll suck it off and then kind of chew on the brush, but with his gums and not the front teeth. And he’s happy with that. But when I hold the brush, or a second brush so he can keep his, and try to brush his teeth he starts screaming. And I do mean scream! You would think I am hurting him in that bathroom.

Does anyone have tooth brushing advice, tips and hints? I don’t want my boy’s teeth to get cavities, rot and fall out before he’s two!


3 thoughts on “Teeth brushing

  1. Hmmm, sing a song? Sorry, that’s all I got and my go to when G starts randomly screaming. It distracts and entertains. Awkward story; my sister was visiting with my niece and we put the 2 girls in the bath and G had a massive meltdown for reasons I still don’t understand as usually she did fine with baths. After a bit I started singing songs, which did help, and when I ran out of them I asked my sister if they had any favorites. She says; Um. Not really. We don’t usually sing during…..bathtime. *sigh* Neither do I, but a girl has to think on her feet right?

  2. No tips, but damn girl your hair is CUUUUTE!!!! And please don’t worry about the tooth brushing thing at this age. I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t have me brush my teeth until I was 5 or so. I think the best you can do is to go for the “monkey see, monkey do” approach. Let him play with the toothbrush while you brush your own teeth and then he’ll mimic you.

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