Blog Version of the Halloween Meme

Boo Bees!
(get it?)

Mel at Stirrup Queens took a FB meme and posted it on her blog. Like her, I would be running away and screaming. I am not a horror film girl. My imagination serves me well enough to not need to watch scary stuff in order to get scared. But, I thought this would be fun to do and pass on. So, copy and share I am (most of it word for word)!

So, in honour of every horror movie made in the 80s:

1. Decides the creepy house is safe. (Stinky. You’ve got more guts that I do!)
2. Screams like a Banshee. (Melissa.  I’ll scream with you!)
3. Scares you as a joke. (Melissa.  Do you scream first or scare me first? Maybe your screaming is the joke!)
4. Goes into the woods and gets killed. (Mina. I’m so sorry!)
5. First to go insane. (Mina. Maybe this is why you got killed in the woods?)
6. Murdered saving someone. (Emma. No! I’m very sorry!)
7. Has your back no matter what jumps out. (Stinky. Thank you! I guess following you into the creepy house does have some perks.)
8. Has a solid survivor plan no one listens. (Sadie. Why oh why didn’t we listen to you?! It might have saved Mina and Emma if we had listened.)
9. Runs off screaming never to be seen again. (Olivia. Do come back! Please?!)
10. Is the real killer. (Rain. I never would have thought it was you. So disappointed. )

Feel free to try to defend yourself or your friends in the comment section from what they would obviously be doing if they were randomly assigned to be in a horror movie.


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