My unexpected reaction

Yesterday Paxlet and I went to the grand opening of a newly renovated park downtown. It was a fun, if not a bit overwhelming, experience. There was so many parents and kids there. It was a definite mad happy house!

While we were there, a little boy that was standing right behind us got lost and started crying. An adult started talking to him to find out what was wrong, but the boy was clearly “lost”* and panicking. The videographer for the ceremony also happened to be right there and he walked over to help with the situation. As I saw this scene unfold and heard the little boy crying, I started crying! I turned away, buried my face in Paxlet’s body and tried to stop myself from crying, but as long as I heard the little boy cry, I had to choke back tears.

What had gotten into me!? This was the strangest reaction I think I’ve ever had! I’ve never lactated when another baby cried or had other strong reactions to random strangers. On the other hand, I know that when we see or hear others cry or laugh or whatever that, we as humans, feel sympathy or happiness with them, but to have a reaction as strong as this was quite…different. The thoughts that flashed through my mind and are still with me today about my reaction is that I was either sympathizing with the boy and his being scared or I was thinking having a gut reaction of how I would feel if it was my Paxlet that was in that situation.


*I say lost with quote marks, because this park is enclosed and all parents were pretty close by, so no one was really lost, but maybe rather separated momentarily from their party.


What do you think?

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