How are cats and toddlers alike?

1. They both like boxes.


Mansi in Paxlet’s empty toy box.


Paxlet in our recycle paper box. He found the box, dragged it out into the middle of the room and played in it. Several times.

2. Anything new in the house has to be checked out.


Paxlet’s old car seat got brought into the house at some point and this is where he played until it was taken out again.


“What’s this? Something that didn’t exist in “my” house before!?,” Ponders Mansi

3. They want to be front and center of attention.


Rusty photo bombs my artistic photo attempt.


Reading the newspaper alone is not possible. Not that it ever has been possible with cats in the house, but with a baby/toddler it is even less of a possibility.
This has got to be one of the funnest things to do: stop momma from reading the ads.

4. All are small, in varying degrees.


Trying out momma’s shoes for size. (This was many months ago.)


Mansi and Paxlet at the cat scratching post.


Earlier this year’s winter shot.
The winter outfit was decently big then, now it might not fit when winter actually arives.

5. They don’t clean their own litter box/diapers.
Sorry, no pictures of this!

6. If there is a small space, they have to go into it. (Whether they fit or not.)


Under the coffee table was a favorite spot for some time, I think until he continually started bumping his head.

7. And sometimes, they just need a snuggle!


Mr Siili and Paxlet (many months ago).


Rusty _just_ tollerating Mansi.
Mansi loving the kitty-pile and snuggly-warm-closeness of big brother cat and human.



5 thoughts on “How are cats and toddlers alike?

  1. I love the photos! I think these are the first of Paxlet on the blog? I’ve been dying to see some! I love the one on the coffee table. Ours is low and also has a lower shelf and Desmond is CONSTANTLY crawling in there and getting stuck and I have to rescue him. It’s pretty funny. 🙂

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