That’s the sound of any machine/tool in our house, according to Paxlet.

The other day, I grabbed the grilled cheese maker out of the cupboard and Paxlet said “rrrrrrrrrr” as soon as he saw it. Mr Siili and I laughed, because that machine is quite quiet. But we then immediately realized that he was thinking of the blender; both machines are white. To make Paxlet happy, I then got the blender out and made a smoothie. As I got the machine out, he became interested in what I was doing. When I turned the blender on, he frowned for 2 seconds, because it was quite loud, but then he gave a huge grin as the blender blended. Paxlet also enjoyed drinking the smoothie very much.

The handheld wand-blender also elicits an “Rrrrrrrr” from Paxlet. He gets so excited and happy watching me as I blend/puree whatever it is I am blending/pureeing.

This morning, as we were getting ready to head out the door for the day, a repair guy rang the doorbell. He brought out his electric screwdriver and proceeded to screw our handrail back on in the stairwell. This immediately elicited an emphatic “RRRrrrrrr” from Paxlet. Mr Siili (rhetorically) asked if all machines get this response. The answer to that is; at least for now, all noisy machines do get this response! And I think it’s just cute.


6 thoughts on “Rrrrrrrrrr

  1. It must be a boy thing. Both my boys did that as well. Still do. Vrrrooom, and guttural brrrrrrr for non-cars, engine/battery powered anythings else.

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