Weekend waffles

I love waffles! Growing up, my dad would make us waffles on the weekend. He didn’t make them every weekend, but on enough weekends that it is memorable.

One of the things that made waffles so special was/is the waffle iron. My dad bought his waffle iron at a garage sale after he got married, but before I was born (that’s under a year apart). That was over 37 years ago and he still has it! It has been re-wired a few times, but that thing is still going strong. I know I have a picture of it somewhere, but I can’t find it, so these images will have to be enough to give you a rough idea of what it looked like.

Another thing that my dad would do, or rather encourage and allow us kids to do was color the waffle batter. Yes, we sometimes had green, pink, blue or even purple waffles. Green was my favorite, of course. My mom and stepmom would gag upon seeing colored waffles, but us kids and not so little kids loved this! In fact, I still love coloring food items just for the heck of it sometimes.

Lastly, I can’t forget the waffle toppings! When we were little, my parents didn’t have a lot of money so, we would make our own “maple” syrup (brown sugar and water, I think, boiled together). I don’t think I realized that this was anything different or unusual until I was much older and when my mom finally started buying real maple syrup “because somethings in life just aren’t worth living without”. Also, on the rare occasion, after we had eaten a waffle or two, my dad would allow us to have some ice cream and peanut butter on our waffle! To this day, ice cream and peanut butter, on waffles or not, is a combination that I love!

I hope I will be able to go home and experience my dad’s weekend waffles again. Until then, I’ll just have to make my own waffles and think of when I was younger. Although, these days, I make waffles more often in the evening as a dessert for Mr Siili and I. But I am thinking that as Paxlet gets older, I’ll want to share my love of weekend breakfast waffles with him.

from Joy of Cooking cookbook

6 waffles
If used with savory foods, omit the sugar.
Sift before measuring:
1 3/4 cups cake flour

Resift with:
2 teaspoons double-acting baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

Beat well:
3 egg yolks

2 to 7 tablespoons melted butter or salad oil
1 1/2 cups milk

Make a hole in the center of the sifted ingredients. Poor in the liquid ingredients. Combined them with a few swift strokes. The batter should have a pebbled look, similar to a muffin batter. → Beat until stiff, but not dry:
3 egg whites

Fold them into the batter until the are barely blended. Follow your waffle iron directions for baking. Good served with:
Maple syrup or Honey butter
Sweetened strawberries


13 thoughts on “Weekend waffles

  1. Yum, sounds delish. We never have waffles but i love pancake breakfasts with as many chopped up fruits as i can locate, maple syrup and whipped cream. Peanut butter and ice cream sounds suitably filthy enough to try on the next round.

  2. Hi from ICLW!

    I LOVE waffles and pancakes….although we rarely had them growing up, my dad always made them into the shape of our first initial. It was something special that I will always remember. Now I make them for my hubby and it’s become a special tradition for us.

    There’s just something about a delicious stack of pancakes or a hot waffle that brings out the kid in us all!

    • I love the idea of initial pancakes. Now that you mention it, my dad would try that sometimes and funny shapes. The easiest was Mickey Mouse. I’ll have to do this for Paxlet (and Mr Siili) when he’s older.

    • I hope you enjoy the waffles! Don’t take the recipe too literally. I never sift the flour, use more milk than it calls for (I like my pancakes a little bit less thick, must be the Finnish crepes coming out…) and only sometimes beet the egg whites.

  3. Yum, we don’t make waffles often. When we do it’s the lazy way from the ready made sort you just add water/milk/butter and stir before cooking. This seems like a sweet tradition to pass along!

    • I’m not sure you can find waffle mix here. I know you can find Finnish crepe mix, but it is different (much thinner) than waffles. And now that I have made these quite a bit on my own, they are quick and easy. 🙂

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