Post pregnancy periods

*Updated at the bottom*

My boy is now almost 13 months old and I’ve had 5 post pregnancy periods. Thankfully my periods are still much as they were before pregnancy, but there have been some changes in my post pregnancy periods (PPP).

Cycle Length:
I have almost always had “normal” 28 day cycles. Sometimes AF would stay away until 30 days, but rarely longer than that! Post pregnancy they are still holding out around this time frame for the most part. Between these 5 cycles, I’ve had a 31, 30, 29 & 25 day cycle. Yes, this last period came much earlier! Thankfully I noticed signs of it earlier in the day (pink/purple on TP) and thought to put on a panty liner before heading out and about downtown.

When I first started getting my period around 14 years of age, I would have some of the worst lower back pain during the first day or two of my period. I remember sometimes pressing my lower back into the corner of a building or wall trying to find a trigger point that would alleviate some of the pain. Eventually my periods were not painful at all. I mean, sure I would get a bit of cramping or dull ache the first day or two. But that pain would be easily taken away by a Tylenol or ibuprofen, if I remembered to take them. My periods after pregnancy have gone back to their regular not-really painful selves, except for the occasional pain. A couple of periods ago, I had some pain that I can only describe what felt like late stage active labor, maybe when the head is crowning. This thankfully only lasted 30 seconds to a minute, but O.MGee! I just about called out to Mr Siili to come get Paxlet because I was in so much pain. Other than that one time, I don’t think I’ve had much in the way of pain during PPP.

I don’t think I’ve ever spotted mid-cycle (except the one time I had the Depo shot) and I only remember spotting just before AF would arrive these last few years, basically only when we were TTC.  Since my PPP have started back up, I haven’t noticed any spotting.

Again, at the age of 14 when I first got my periods, my flow was quite heavy the first 3 or so days. Heavy enough to need super absorbancy tampons. Then, over the years I was able to get by with the normal and lite tampons. Now, PPP have required me to once again need super tampons. Thankfully tampons are enough and I don’t need pads. I hate pads!

As long as I can remember, my periods have been roughly 6 days long. Maybe a day longer or shorter, but not often. And usually the last day or so is light enough that a panty liner is enough protection.

And that, folks, is my period history in a large nutshell. So far, things are pretty much like they were before pregnancy with only a few flashbacks from when I was younger.

Olivia’s comment reminded me that adding when and why I think I started getting my period again might be useful.
My first PPP came when Paxlet was about 8,5 months old. (I felt what I thought were O pangs 2 weeks earlier, which was confirmed by AF showing up right on time.) I relate the arrive of my period to Paxlet not needing/getting nighttime feeds so much anymore. That, and he wasn’t drinking as much breast milk during the day, because he was getting much more of his food from solids.


2 thoughts on “Post pregnancy periods

  1. Glad to hear they are returning to a normal state. I wish I had some idea of how mine might return, but I was never too regular and with breastfeeding I am not really sure when things will start up.

    • Oh, that reminds me, I should add in when and why I think my periods came back.
      Paxlet was about 8,5 months old and this coincides around the time he started sleeping through the night (not getting boob) and not taking boob as much during the day as he was eating more “real” food.

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