Turmoil at work

The week before I went back to work, it was announced that there was going to be aproximately 180 lay-offs in my company, directly affecting my department and job. News of lay-offs suck at any time and for any company, but in the economy of this day and age and for the company I work at, it isn’t so unexpected.

Since I have been back at work this last week and a half this news has been the main topic of talk. People aren’t happy about it and moral is quite low. Understandably so. People keep lamenting to me about what “great” timing I have for coming back to work and what I think about the news. The timing just happened to be coincidence. And of course I’m not happy with the news, but what can you do?

I’ll tell you what _I_ can do. I am not going to stress over this, at least not right now. If I stress now and end up being one of the people who is let go, I’ll have stressed for a long time, 6+ months possibly. And if I stress now and I’m one of the lucky ones to keep my job, I’ll have stressed for nothing. The employee consultion talks (roughly the Finnish version of union talks) are still in progress and nothing is 100% decided yet. Also, I’ve been through this sort of thing before at this company and I’ve survived so far. Granted, this time is quite different, but I’ll wait and see for now. I will also continue to be a hard worker, learning anything new that I can and generally make myself as valuable as possible.

Sure, I wish this news hadn’t happened, but I’m not going to let it get to me.


5 thoughts on “Turmoil at work

    • Unfortunately, it is a definite that not everyone will keep their job. We just don’t know who will be going, although those of us with permanent contracts might be a bit safer, in that hopefully we won’t be the first to go. I also know that some will leave if their own accord. As I said, I’m not worried yet.

  1. I have been through similar things and you are right not to worry just yet. If it happens there is not much you can do and if it doesn’t there was no point in worrying. Anyways I hope you don’t end up one of the people.

  2. Hi, I found your blog through ICLW links. I hope things turn out ok for you at work. It’s always a challenge, weather or not it touches you personally. Hugs from Helsinki!

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